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**小组列车来到了**站 丢魂鬼屋


第二站 奇妙怪街


第三站 历史的辉煌 宋城千古情

到宋城不看宋城千古情就等于白去,今天终于可以一睹宋朝风采了。大家依次坐好,表演开始了。演员们辛勤的表演着,我们小组评选出的**好看的片段是 。整场演出演员们用歌舞展示了杭州南宋时的情景,及白蛇、梁祝等西湖民间故事……优美的音乐和演员们精湛的表演征服了我们,我们不时感叹。叔叔阿姨们为我们表演就是为了让我们铭记这段历史,不要那辉煌的时代。



This is what everyone is looking forward to. This is the happiest moment for everyone-the spring outing. Where will we go this spring outing? Songcheng! This is a good place that we have been looking forward to for a long time. We must be good It's fun.

The first group of trains came to the first stop, the Haunted Mansion

Soon after I left, I came to the first haunted house. When I thought that this room was related to ghosts, the introduction card also said that if the ghosts were disturbed, they might be eaten by ghosts, which made my heart cold. A few of us squeezed the schoolbags of our classmates in front of us and screamed loudly. I think our group screamed the loudest. When we walked into the wall of this section of the road, skulls appeared from time to time, scaring us. The cry was continuous. We haven't entered the haunted house yet, and the atmosphere has already scared us. Due to excessive tension, our feet were completely reluctant to call, sandwiched between the front and back classmates, and we involuntarily approached the haunted house. We all want to know what is in the haunted house. Is there a ghost? We finally arrived at the door of the haunted house. The strange thing is that the staff will not let us in! Alas, there is some small loss in our hearts, so we must check it online when we go home. Get it!

Second stop: Weird Street

When you come to the strange street, the most fun is the hidden hut! In the middle of the hut, there is a wooden "box" with mirrors on three sides and one side empty. We don’t think it’s surprising, but as long as you get in and stick out your head, you can only see your head in the photos you take, and the rest of your body will be “invisible” and you really can’t see it! The most mysterious is the Phantom House. ! There are a few pictures painted on the wall in the Phantom Cabin. People are standing there, taking a picture of that picture with the camera in their hands. It’s strange, as if you are in the picture, and the objects on the painting seem to be really placed. Next to you! The horizontal house is also fun. The whole house is horizontal in our eyes. The other team members lie on the "floor" (wall) of the horizontal house, stretch out one leg and pretend to be walking on the floor of the horizontal house. There is a group The clerk also pointed to the door on the "ceiling" and said, "Let's get out of that." There are horizontal houses, vertical houses, and sloping houses. Strange streets are really strange.

The third stop is the historical glory, Songcheng's eternal love

If you don't look at Songcheng's eternal love in Songcheng, you will be in vain. Today, you can finally get a glimpse of the grace of the Song Dynasty. Everyone sat down one by one, and the performance began. The actors performed hard, and the best-looking clip selected by our group was. Throughout the show, the actors and actresses used songs and dances to show the scenes of Hangzhou during the Southern Song Dynasty, as well as West Lake folk tales such as the White Snake and Liang Zhu...The beautiful music and the superb performances of the actors conquered us, and we sighed from time to time. The uncles and aunts performed for us so that we can remember this history, not the glorious era.

Looking at Songcheng’s eternal love, the glorious history will always be remembered!

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