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西湖是什么?是绵绵细雨中,一人为另一人撑起的油纸伞;是素白如雪的轻纱;是亭台楼阁、轻歌曼舞、世外桃源……是多少骚人向往的地方啊! 有人说,天堂美,那里没有车来车往、


乘扁舟、弄杨柳,穿游在这西湖之中,听着人们讲着这里的故事,赏着这碧波荡漾的湖水、精致的断桥、烟雨朦胧中的绿荷粉莲,使我陷在这里无法自拔,此时,谁还会计较在乎那些尔虞我诈、明争暗斗呢?也许我还要感谢苍天,给我们留下了这一方净土、一弯碧水呢! 人生一梦,白云苍狗,错错对对,恩恩怨怨,终不过日月无声,水过无痕,所难弃者,一点痴念而已.与其高官俸禄,倒不如乘扁舟、弄杨柳,听着伯牙遇知音的故事,听着烟雨楼阁中,女子的歌声、

乐声,余音绕梁,三日不绝.向往着心若浮云,自来自往的境界.醉其这西湖之中. 毕竟西湖六月中,风光不与四时同.接天莲叶无穷碧,映日荷花别样红.静谧中,我仿佛闻到了荷香……


What is West Lake? It is an oil-paper umbrella held up by one person for the other in the drizzle; it is a light gauze that is white as snow; it is a pavilion, a light song and a dance, a paradise... It is a place that so many people yearn for! Some people say, Heaven is beautiful, there are no cars going there,

There is no intrigue, there are just scenes of old and young being happy and happy, but when you walk in the West Lake and indulge in the West Lake, you will know why so many literati and poets have chanted and composed poems here, and stayed here. Their footprints; the king of flowers, peony, I have seen the peony garden in the Summer Palace, where the peony blossoms are bright and beautiful, leaving many people's eyes, but I feel a sense of pride, every time Peony flowers are like harem beauties in intrigue, wanting to win people's hearts. Therefore, in my opinion, peony is no more beautiful than the lotus in the West Lake. It is out of the mud and not stained, and it does not fight with the world. It is noble. Qingya is a gentle gentleman, and naturally he won the hearts of many people without any effort.

Riding a flat boat, playing with willows, swimming in this West Lake, listening to people telling stories here, enjoying the blue water of the lake, the exquisite broken bridge, the green lotus and pink lotus in the mist and rain, making me stuck here I can’t extricate myself. At this time, who cares more about those intrigues and fights? Maybe I also want to thank the sky for leaving us with this pure land and a bend of clear water! Life is a dream, a white cloud dog, wrong, wrong, right, right , Kindness and grievances, but the sun and the moon are silent, the water passes without traces, the ones that are difficult to discard, and a little obsession. Instead of high officials' salaries, it is better to ride a boat, play willows, listen to the story of Boya meeting his friend, and listen to the mist In the pavilion, women's singing,

The sound of music, the lingering sound around the beam, lasting for three days. I yearn for the realm of my heart like a cloud, and I am drunk in this West Lake. After all, the scenery of West Lake in the middle of June is not the same as the four o'clock. The lotus leaves in the sky are endless and green, reflecting The Japanese lotus is differently red. In the silence, I seem to smell the lotus...

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