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What is maternal love? In fact, it has more than one meaning. Maternal love can be a landscape painting, washed away the lead and carvings, leaving fresh and natural; maternal love can also be a soulful song, softly melodious, lightly singing; maternal love can also be It was a gentle wind, blowing away the snow and snow, bringing infinite spring...

It was a winter. I looked at the weather forecast and said it was sunny today at 5-10 degrees Celsius, so I took all my scarf and gloves and thought: Hey! It shouldn’t be cold today. The scarves I usually wear will crush me. , I feel a lot easier when I take it off, so I wash my face when I think about it. When my mother noticed that I was up, I hurried to get dressed and went straight to the kitchen to cook breakfast for me. After I washed my face, a scent came out of the kitchen. "Well! It's so fragrant, Mom, what did you do for me?" "It's the same as yesterday! A bowl of noodles and a cup of soy milk." "Why there is soy milk again! I don't want it." "No! You must drink it if you want to start a small rise." As soon as my mother's serious expression was on her face, she knew that she couldn't drink it.

"Huh? Why don't you bring a scarf?" Mom asked me like a prisoner. "The weather forecast says it will be fine today," I replied. Unexpectedly, my mother vetoed it and said: "Winter is still winter, it is very cold, you must bring it!" "This is not good, that is not good, how can I do it! I'm leaving." "You come back! Mom is so angry, but I still gone.

When I was in the second class, my body was trembling, and my hands didn’t listen. I told it to write "Zhi" and it couldn’t move no matter what. I was so angry that I wanted to chop off my hands. Oh! This can be blamed. Who is it? I really don't listen to the old man's words, and I have a disadvantage in front of my eyes! What if my mother could hold a pair of gloves outside the classroom! Unfortunately, it is not the case. In the third class, there was a furry thing when I was turning over the text in my schoolbag. I took it out to see that it was a glove! It must be my mother, bright teardrops rolled in my eyes, and then, big, round teardrops fell After coming down, thinking about my every move in the morning, and looking at the present, I feel very sad. Those gloves seem to have magical powers, so they won’t be cold. I think it’s the mother's love that makes them so warm.

Lao She said: If you lose your loving mother, you will be like a flower in a bottle. Although it is still beautiful and fragrant, it pushes the root. I think this sentence shows that a kind mother is very important to a person, just as the root is to a flower.

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