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The moonlight shines on the ground..." A familiar nursery rhyme came from next door, echoing in the room. This gentle song kept hitting my heart at this moment, and it was like an invisible stick, stirring my Thoughts, my memories.

On a secluded summer night, a girl with pigtails sat in the arms of a kind-faced old man, looking at the stars and faintly twinkling fluorescent lights from the bushes not far away. Grandpa's low, slightly hoarse voice is like a cat's claw, constantly stroking my jumping heart. "Moonlight, Zhaoditang..." Grandpa shook the big pu fan with one hand and stroked the broken hair on my forehead with the other, removing the heat in my heart. At the same time, he was singing this ancient nursery rhyme softly in intoxication.

Summer nights, fluorescent lights, puffball fans, and silk-like nursery rhymes have linked up my beautiful childhood.

But as I grew up, surrounded by air conditioners and fans, I no longer wanted to go to the door to enjoy the cool summer night breeze. Grandpa, as always, sat on the stone steps at the door, shaking and swaying the broken fan. I rarely chat with Grandpa and listen to him singing.

One day, I received a bad news from home from school. When I rushed to the hospital, I found that the old man who used to let me ride on his neck to play was lying on a white bed at the moment, relying on the nutrient solution beside the bed to maintain his life. The ward was crowded with relatives and friends, and they watched me and walked towards him.

His hair seemed to be withering reed, swaying softly in the wind. He stared at me with his muddy eyes and grasped me with his thin hands, his eyes gleaming with hope. I leaned down and heard him spit out a few fuzzy syllables with difficulty. I resisted the grief in my heart and sang the old nursery rhyme gently. I clutched his hand tightly, but found a drop of crystal clear tears falling on his thin hand. I sang in a low voice, afraid of disturbing him, and afraid of the eyes from all around.

Finally, he closed his eyes in the singing and left the world with a smile.

My tears couldn't help but burst out like a bank.

I think, if you give me another chance, I will sing loudly, singing out that I have buried the love for him from the deepest part of my heart. That song was not only sung from the mouth, but also from the bottom of my heart, with a deep love pouring down on me like moonlight. That love, like that ancient song, is not forgotten due to the passage of time, but is more charming.

"Moonlight, Zhaoditang..." I gently hummed this moving song in tears.

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