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School is the place where students spend the longest time, especially the key third stage. Getting up early and returning late every day has become commonplace, and the mechanical repeating day after day. However, in this boring study, we established a happy small group-study group.

The group I constructed is particularly interesting. Among the members, there are some high-achieving students, artistic talents, and high "weird" masters. A group of "living treasures" get together and add happiness to the intense study.

Xiaobai, a person with a very high IQ, he is what I call a top student. The appearance is not too outstanding, the two exposed teeth show a little handsome, easygoing and enthusiastic personality. In terms of learning, I have a special liking for mathematics, physics and chemistry. Once I enter the sea of questions, I will operate like a clockwork machine. Affected by this, the other few of us also focused on Xiaobai and were able to pretend to be serious for a while. This is not the case, the seriousness passed again.

Xiao Tian and Xiao Li are two full-fledged "living treasures". After three minutes of enthusiasm, they immediately became our song kings. Every time after class, they always want to unconsciously sing a few words and show their singing. Every song can be sung with a different flavor, and a happy day is here. Xiao Tian is a lover of fine arts and calligraphy, holding the pen in her hand like clouds and flowing water in her hand, the beautiful calligraphy and painting are even more colorful.······

Every member in our small group enjoys a tired and happy learning atmosphere, and each small group in the class has its own different learning methods. A small group full of a strong learning atmosphere and mixed with joy is gradually emerging in our class. This is inseparable from the hard work of the teachers and the efforts of the students.

Living in such a group, such a study group, I feel very happy. I love my study group!

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