Outstanding students at the opening ceremony

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发表时间:2021-02-23 13:34

Dear teachers and dear students:

Hello everyone!

With the golden sunshine in September, we stepped into the door of the middle school and became a seventh-grade freshman, with great pride in our hearts. Today, I was fortunate to speak on behalf of all the students, and I was extremely excited. As Teacher’s Day is approaching, first of all, please allow me to say to our hardworking gardener on behalf of all students: "Teacher, you have worked hard!"

We ~~ The middle school has always had an advanced school-running philosophy; it has an elegant and clean campus; it has a teaching style of "civilized, rigorous, realistic and innovative". Here, the teachers are willing to endure hardships, are willing to contribute, diligently study, and tirelessly teach others. They have cultivated a group of outstanding students represented by Zhou Qi's senior sister; the students are full of energy, eager to learn, and work hard, be realistic and innovative, and stand out in various competitions at all levels. , Demonstrating the strength and demeanor of Maliang Middle School students. Being able to integrate into such a learning and living environment is the luck of every new student.

Classmates, as new students in the middle school, we must develop good ethical behavior habits and earnestly study the "Code of Daily Conduct for Middle School Students", starting from the trivial things in our daily behavior, and using norms to guide our words and deeds at all times. Lofty ideals and correct outlook on life, consciously resist the invasion of bad ideas, and strive to be a man of high moral character. On weekdays, we must be honest and trustworthy, treat others courteously, respect teachers, study diligently, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school, learn self-management, learn to face difficulties and setbacks correctly, and maintain a good mental state and full mental state. In addition, we must read more, read good books, constantly broaden our horizons and knowledge, use the curious eyes and smart minds to appreciate and taste excellent books, and let the wings of the soul fly freely in the sea of books.

We firmly believe that as long as you give, you will gain! I believe that under the care and care of the school leaders, through the hard work of the teachers, and our unremitting efforts, three years later, we will definitely grow into an ideal, ethical, cultural, and conservative Disciplined and qualified middle school students hand in a qualified answer sheet for the society and family.

Students, today, let us be proud of choosing Maliang Middle School; tomorrow, let xx Middle School be proud of having us!

Finally, once again sincerely wish the teachers good health and success in their work! I wish the students a happy study and success in their studies!

Thank you!

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