Hundred Days Swearing Conference

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发表时间:2021-02-23 14:18

The first class oath: 20 days later, the physical exam; 50 days later, the physical education exam; 70 days later, a touch in Yuexiu District; 80 days later, the English oral exam; 100 days later, the two heavy ones: high school entrance exam! Let us fight for our own sake! Fight for the future. Facing the first major challenge in our lives and the first turning point in our lives, we have to keep climbing, devoting full energy to exam preparation, using sweat to build every day, and earning excellent results with our own efforts. There can be a few strokes in life. Don't fight at this time, but when will you wait! We will never give up! For our parents, for our school, for our own future, for our dreams and happiness, we will go all out! Sprint! No effort, no gain. Please remember four: hardships and joy! "There will be long winds and waves, and we will hang the clouds and sail to the sea." Dreams can only be realized by our hands; miracles can only be created by our hands! Let us bravely raise our confidence Fengfan, welcome the waves that test us in the senior high school entrance examination! Let us shout out our slogan: "Have a correct attitude, keep your heart safe, take a steady pace to meet challenges, and you can have a few fights in your life. Don't sigh for the elderly!"

The second class oath: Looking back at the first day of junior high school, we are still a group of maotou children, how carefree, how innocent and innocent. It's so happy I don't know the time has passed. But three years later, we are now in the graduating class and will face the challenge of the high school entrance examination. Yes! Looking through the calendar and looking at the blackboard, it is a hundred days, and only a hundred days before the high school entrance examination. What are we doing? What are we doing? Don’t you know what pressure is, what is tension, and what competition is for? The high school entrance examination is like a war, and we are like soldiers in this war. Every soldier must go through a long and hard training before going into battle, and suffer countless hardships, but the most important thing is the positive and never give up spirit. Without this spirit, the battle will be defeated. Even if it's the senior high school entrance examination, no matter how many reference books you have read before, how many cram schools you have attended, if you don't have this kind of spiritual support, you won't get the desired results. The high school entrance examination is like a storm. When it comes, we should not be moaning seagulls, stupid penguins, and timid seabirds. We are to be Haiyan who will not fear the wind and rain and move forward bravely. Ah! Let the high school entrance examination be more violent!



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