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Home has always been a mysterious place, a warm haven for people, a permanent harbor where you live, and a warm word.

Home, a warm, happy, and happy home is what everyone longs for. When you encounter setbacks and failures, home is your warm haven, where you can be comforted there and get a temporary rest, enough to make you brave again and start over; when you are frustrated and lost , Home, is your warm nest, where you can get courage, get temporary stability, enough to cheer up and start from scratch; when you are emotionally frustrated or injured, home is you A soft pillow, where you can get a temporary vent and a little space for yourself; when you succeed or achieve, home is the place you miss most, where you can share with your family and friends The joy of your success, you can enjoy the fruits of your achievements with your brothers and sisters.

Home, has always been such a warm place, has always been so fascinating. It’s been a long time since I went home to have a look. At this moment, I really miss home, I miss my father, grandma, uncles, brothers and sisters. It's almost a month and a half, and I should go back and get together with them, have a talk, and narrate. It has been three years, and I haven't spent a month and a half with my family in three years. I really miss that kind of warm day. After entering junior high school, I often don't go home, so don't mention it after high school. Many festivals, because of my studies or because of my lack of knowledge of home, I missed the days of reunion with my family. Gradually, I am getting farther and farther away from home. Although there is still a lot of time to live with my family in the future, I cannot waste or miss every possible opportunity.

If home is a beautiful person, then homesickness is a long line, no matter how far you go, no matter how high you fly, home will always be the place you miss most.

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