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Dear Party:


Seeing that the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party is approaching, I have endless blessings to give you.

In these 90 years, it was your hard work and sweat that allowed us to live a rich life. However, you have paid a lot, often for us, you work day and night, and for us, you work hard. I sincerely thank you for your contribution to us.

Before, my father, mother, grandfather and grandma. They all live on farming, running to the fields all day long, for fear that the fields will be affected by pests and weeds and the yield will decrease, and for fear that they will not go out when harvesting. It's very tiring every day. Finally one day, the party came to us, told us how to farm the most yield, and gave us a demonstration. After 5 years of struggle, we left the countryside and came to the city we admired for a long time. After several years of struggle, we have our own house and our own car. If we hadn't had the guidance of the party at the beginning, we might still be afraid of farming in the countryside, and would not be able to have today. So today we have to sincerely thank the party for allowing us to live a good life.

When I first came to Liuzhou, I was new to everything here. At that time, the most annoying parents were the high tuition fees, including: borrowing fees, book fees, tuition fees... a total of more than two thousand yuan in one semester, and the two wages of mom and dad would add up to one piece and only one thousand yuan per month. Tuition is equivalent to one month’s salary and one month’s hard work. Adding to the need for food (I like snacks very much at the time), drinking, water, electricity... Mom and Dad simply can't afford it. But when the party learned that some of our foreign students had to pay high tuition fees, it promulgated a nine-year compulsory education. During these nine years, the school could not charge students any fees. Now, a semester only spends more than 100 yuan, the pressure of parents is reduced a lot, and they have more energy to focus on work. With the addition of our frugal life, we will soon have our own face, no need to continue to help others in business, no longer need to look at the boss's wink. My family has also changed from being short of three to four. TV sets, computers, printers...the materials that I used to go to the bookstore to read are now available on the Internet. If it were not for the help of the party, how could we have today.



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