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When we babbled, the most beautiful thing in our hearts was the beautiful and warm smile of our mother. Perhaps, at that time, I didn't know what beauty was. I only knew that the smile of our mother made us smile warmly.

When I was five years old, the first planted flowers bloomed. Sniffing the fragrance of flowers, dimly, I began to know that beauty requires a long wait and cultivation.

When I was eight years old, the beauty jumped in the teacher's wise eyes, jumping between the lines of the white test papers. Through the teacher's explanation, I learned that beauty means beautiful, and I also began to know what the word "inner beauty" is about.

At the age of 13, we graduated. While bidding farewell to life in elementary school, I also got the admission notice from the middle school. At this moment, the most splendid beauty is blooming on the little red book's own name. This has proved that there is a lot of hard sweat behind the beauty, and I feel that-it turns out that beauty is the final result of such a long effort, and the taste of beauty is so sweet and moving.

Before becoming a butterfly, the caterpillar needs to go through a long and painful period: trying hard to find food, and then eat the fat, then find the strongest leaf, and then wrap itself in pupa layer by layer, let yourself Can't move, and then have to wait a long time in the hard shell. Just like the monk in the myth, it takes a long time to practice. Then one day when the Buddha appeared, he became one of the Buddhas. However, because the process was too laborious and long, I don't know which day I can become a Buddha, so that few people are willing to practice. But the caterpillar has this patience, it can wait until one day, it will turn into a beautiful butterfly, and then concentrate the power of the whole body, burst out of the pupa, and then fly in the vast sky, freely.

The caterpillar said: "Everything needs a long wait before it is beautiful.

Maybe waiting is painful, but it will eventually become beautiful and meaningful because of the final beauty, right?

The caterpillar turns into a butterfly and needs to go through,

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