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A pot of crabapple is planted on the balcony of the house. Under the meticulous care of my father, Begonia has strong stems, luxuriant branches, luxuriant leaves, beautiful flowers and graceful appearance. After school every day, I first admire a Bu Haitang.

The stems of crabapple are like bamboo, each with a little soft spines. The newly grown stems resemble spring bamboo shoots, straight and emerald green; when they are about to bloom, the stems of crabapples are like grandma's back, a little camel, and become vermilion red. Interesting!

The leaves of crabapples resemble elephant ears. The foliage is dark green. The bottom of the leaf is vermilion. Against the background of the vermillion petiole, the leaves of Begonia are delicate and lovely. If you don't look carefully, you would think it is plastic. Each leaf of the begonia grows moderately in size, and it is scattered and swayed in the wind from time to time. It dances lightly like a dancer, and plays the music of "Shushasha..." like a performer. In the early morning, aquatic dewdrops roll around on the leaves of Begonia. If you gently pluck the dewdrops on the high leaves of Begonia, it will quickly roll to adjacent leaves like glass beads. Blending with the dewdrops there, in the end he rolled bigger and bigger like a snowball, so beautiful.

Begonia not only has lovely leaves, but also has distinctive flowers. Its flowering period does not distinguish between seasons. Throughout the year, almost every day there are clusters of small red flowers on the branches. Each cluster can be hundreds of flowers and a few dozens. They are all swaying in the wind, as if "Ding Ling, Ding Ling... …" The welcome song was played. Each flower of Begonia has four petals. There is a cluster of goose-yellow stamens in the center of the petals, which exudes a faint fragrance, which attracts many elves—bees and dancers—color butterflies. They sing singing. Dancing, dancing, is really unique.

You say Haitang is so beautiful and lovely. Can I not like it?

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