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There are many people with me, parents, classmates, friends or brothers and sisters. And this time her role is my deskmate. I remember a song that sang like "Who meets you who are sentimental, who comforts you who loves to cry, who reads the letter I wrote to you, who threw it in the wind." My deskmate was a fat man Girls. She is very cute wearing a pair of glasses. She speaks delicately, and her chubby face makes people feel an urge to pinch. Now she is no longer my tablemate. But the past time still remembers.

I remember she wore a pink cloth shoe one day, I saw it and laughed. She also said that they were shoes worn by the old woman, she argued hard. But after all, she is a girl, how can she arguably beat me, a big man. get out of class is over, the more I look at her shoes, the more I want to laugh. Suddenly, I quickly took off her shoes, lifted them up and threw them into the sky, and then laughed wildly. My face was flushed when I saw her, tears rolled around the corners of my eyes, and I didn't smile and cautiously put the shoes to her feet. Then she ran away quickly and looked back at me, only her hateful eyes were left. I ran to the toilet and advertised it, and laughed wildly.

She is not so hot sometimes, some people tease her, she will fight back against them with the nature of a girl, ha ha. But she met me, and I suppressed her like her nemesis. Every time I got angry, I suddenly wilted when I saw me. Once she was not as high as my math test, no. It never seemed to be higher than me. I smiled, I shaved my hand on my face, and then said: "I lost my face, how do I usually teach you?" Then I laughed wildly. She must be hating her incompetence by lowering her head! Haha, you met the nemesis, you met ZJK, a god-like man!

This is my tablemate. There are a lot of interesting things between us. I can’t express them one by one. Now she is not my tablemate, but the happy time at the same table before will accompany me for life. I hope you are my lifelong. At the same table, stay with me all my life.

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