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Life is colorful, with success and failure.

Success is a joyful song, it brings us joy and makes people feel refreshed; but failure is also a song, it is more beautiful than success, more worthy of people's aftertaste, it will make people continue to sprint and continue to improve.

I still remember that when I took the first monthly exam in the ninth grade, I scored 55 points on the math test (120 points full). When I learned about this score, my heart was broken. I thought I would do well in the exam. That day, I didn't listen to much what the teacher said. After eating, I walked to a lawn with no one by myself, and the score of 55 points was always in my mind. Later, my best friend found me and asked me why I didn’t go back to the classroom, so I said to her, “Am I still eligible to enter that classroom? Don’t bother me if you do well in the exam!” I got up. , She grabbed me and said to me: "A grade is not the grade of your life. You should work hard instead of sitting here and sad. Your IQ is not worse than mine, right! No one has failed in life Edison didn’t do thousands of experiments to create electric lights. Beethoven was deaf in both ears, but in the end he wrote the "Symphony of Destiny." You can’t stand such a small blow. Then, in the future, you will be in society. What should I do? Sorry, I knew what to do, so I walked back to the classroom. After one semester of hard work, I got 87 points in the test this time. I was very happy, so I walked to my friend and said to her, "Thank you. , It was you who inspired me". When I got home, I thought it was that day when I didn't listen to her, then what would my result be?

Now I understand that we will encounter various difficulties during the long journey to school. When faced with difficulties, avoid negativity and escape from cowardice. The difficult road is really like iron, and we move forward, knowing that we have to face failure bravely, we can move forward resolutely! Failure is better than success!

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