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Some people think that heroes should stand on top of glory and enjoy the supreme glory and praise. But I think the real hero should be like this.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, the smoke of gunpowder filled each other, and the countries of the Central Plains were fighting each other. In the domestic struggle, Beidi, Nanban, Dongrong, and Xiyi aggressively invaded China. The world is turbid and one person is alone; everyone is drunk, but one person is awake.

"Weiguanzhong, I will be sent to the left!"

Guan Zhong, amidst the conflicts of war, rises up, the nine princes join together, and the world will be conquered!

He previously served in Gongzijiao. Facing Gongzijiao's defeat, he faced a question: death or immortality. Is death to express his loyalty and boldness, or to save his name in troubled times and fulfill his ideal of ruling the world? His colleague chose death: calling for death. But Guan Zhong chose the latter: Guan Zhong invites prisoners. He knows that he can't die, he wants to fight for a greater cause, and he is not limited to this subsection. "Guan Yiwu governs Gao Su, so that Xiang can also." He won, he won the trust of Qi Huan Gong, Ren Qingxiang. He helped Xiaobai complete the alliance of Beixing, the alliance of Jing, Qihou will meet Songgong, Weihou, Huichen, Cai, etc. to dominate the Spring and Autumn Period, making Qi Huangong the first overlord of the Spring and Autumn Period. This is the real hero, not limited to the trivial, with great ambitions and ideals, and talents that match them.

Guan Zhong, choose from the righteousness of the nation, based on benevolence, and rescue the Central Plains!

Di Ren cuts Xing, save or not? What is the benefit of aligning? The country of Xing is thousands of miles away, the journey is far away, the soldiers are exhausted, and the soldiers are tired. Let alone whether they can win, the cost of going out will be overwhelming. Qi's economic development. If you don't save it, Di is far away from Qi, and it seems that you can't get here for a year or two. To save or not to save? Guan Zhong’s answer was “save” and “The wolves are not to be bored. The intimacy of all summers is not to be abandoned, and the poison is not to be conceived.” Please save Xing from the simple book. The Qi people rescued Xing.” From the standpoint of the country, it is better not to save, but from the perspective of benevolence and righteousness and the Central Plains culture, it is necessary to save. Nowadays, rituals collapse and music is broken, and the Central Plains culture is at a critical moment. If it is not saved, it will destroy the ancient benevolence and righteousness, and the millennia of civilization will disappear. He understands this very well, so "even if tens of thousands of people, I will go." This is the real hero, in front of the overall situation, regardless of the interests of the small family. In the face of the rise and fall of history, one can keenly detect changes in the current situation and make decisions that are beneficial to the world. Yes, it is the world, not one person, family, or country, but the entire world.

A true hero is like Guan Zhong, able to rise in troubled times, regardless of the trivialities. The true hero should be based on benevolence and righteousness and take the world as his responsibility. This is the true hero.

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