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The past is like the wind. Looking back, I was half awake and half asleep. In an instant, "the ash flies away". I have forgotten many, many things that the years have given.


Because years have a tenderness, so he makes me more bright, let me know how to smile to life, conquer all hardships with a bright smile. He told me the story of Zhang Haidi and let me understand what tenacity above disability is. I was infected, and I accepted the first gift of the years-smile to life.

Years are actually innocent and without scheming, so he made me more real, and let me know that I must be down-to-earth, step by step, to succeed. He did not hesitate to tell me that if you want to achieve the ideal in your heart, you must persevere if you want to achieve the goal, you must move forward on the ground, and you must not rush for success and cause your own mistakes. I was inspired, and I accepted the second gift of the years-down to earth.

Years are not a rhetorical person. He is an elder who has been tempered for thousands of years, so he tells me his experiences one by one, so that I can cope with the problems in life freely and mature. He told me another way of thinking, allowing me to think about a problem in all aspects and take the responsibility that I should bear. With emotion, I accepted the third gift that the years gave me—mature.

The fourth gift has not arrived, and I am puzzled. I asked the years: "What is the fourth gift you will give me?" He smiled and whispered softly: "You are not creating this A gift?" I had an epiphany, thinking about the fourth gift-a happy life.

What the years give us is limited, and our creation is endless. We will use our own thinking to create a happy life that belongs to everyone, and make everyone happy forever.

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