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I am a grass, but I am sleeping under the ground, and I am waiting for Miss Chun to wake me up.

Spring came, and I was awakened by Miss Chun. I started rubbing my distressed eyes and saw that all my companions were awake, all poking their heads out of the mud, and looking curiously at this colorful world. We have different shapes, high and low, thin and thick. Not only that, but we are also huge in number. To put it in one word, it is "a thousand miles in a big way." Whenever the spring breeze blows the earth, we sway with the wind, sometimes stretching our arms, sometimes bending over and nodding, sometimes swaying from side to side. Whenever it rains, we suck on the "tonics" brought by Chunyu's mother. This rain can make us grow faster. Under the shining of the sun, we bathe in the sun every day, which is good for the body and makes us appear more energetic. "Twitter", the bird sings a melodious song to us every day, so that we can get spiritual edification every day. In the spring, I met many new friends, there are beautiful willow girls, hard-working ant brothers, beautiful butterfly sisters...

Summer is here, and the storm is ruthlessly devastating me, but I am unyielding in the rain and stand proudly. I thought: I must overcome this difficulty! So, I frowned, gritted my teeth, and got through this difficulty. After the rain, the sky was clear, and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, like a beautiful small bridge.

In autumn, I changed from green clothes to yellow clothes and became fragile. At this time I was listless, as if I had just finished strenuous exercise. I looked up and saw the orchard and farmland. You squeeze the oranges and persimmons in the orchard one by one, vying for people to pick them! The rice in the farmland was golden and golden, and the farmers were cutting the rice with joyful smiles on their faces.

In winter, the north wind whistles and heavy snow flies. Many grasses have lost their former style. The heavy snow covered me, I changed into the silver suit and went back underground, waiting for the coming spring!

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