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发表时间:2021-04-05 18:04

I haven't seen the goddess Tang Wei appear on the screen for a long time, and from the subject matter and title, I feel that "Whistleblower" will have more layers and deeper film language expression intentions, so I watched this film decisively first. , The attendance rate is very high, and the cinema is full of young couples in twos and threes.

I was stunned at the beginning. In the first few shots, I thought I was watching a Hollywood blockbuster and went to the wrong hall, but the appearance of Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei soon made me realize that the director's ambition is not small. Ma Ke (played by Lei Jiayin), who picked up the plane on behalf of the company, discovered that the other party’s business representative was his ex-girlfriend Zhou Siliang (played by Tang Wei). At the welcome reception, the two faced each other on the seaside plank road. The self-boasting of "My wife and children are hot on the head" and "I am a better career female elite is all the best", but frankly said: "I regret breaking up with you." My heart said it was going to be bad, and an extramarital affair was about to start. Sure enough, as soon as the camera turned, the two of them cooked rice and cooked rice, but they didn't hold it. After all, Xue Xiaolu is the director of the two films "Beijing Meets Seattle". The portrayal of the emotional relationship between the two sexes, coupled with the tacit understanding of Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei, gave me the illusion that I was watching "Seattle 3".

However, if you really think that the next two hours are purely about the emotional entanglement between Lei Jiayin, Tang Wei and Qi Xi, then you will really miss a wonderful genre film. The film started with a sudden change in the style of painting from Ma Ke’s colleague Peter "Suicide", and it suddenly awakened me: The first 15 minutes of the film made me forget that I walked into the movie theater under the imported word "Whistleblower". Based on Zhou Siliang’s failure to catch up with the plane crash, he took the opportunity to die as a guide. He traveled across Asia, Africa, and Australia. The planes, cars, ships and ships carried on two or eight big missions. They found one step at a time, one trap at one step. There were gun battles, explosions, intrigues, and deaths. In escape, he just forced the honest and honest Ma Ke step by step into the position of "whistleblower". This should be the first time that Director Xue has tried a genre film. It is qualified for the intense and fierce railway station chase, the exploration of the underground pipelines in Africa, and the drifting on the sea with diamonds as the ticket. In this, he has cleverly interspersed with his own expertise. In the emotional part, every time Ma Ke returns from an adventure with Zhou Siliang, the scenes when he goes home to face his wife and children who already know that he has cheated are very exciting. Here I have to praise Qixi’s wife Judy, the kind of "regular palace". Calmness, patience, and the eventual outburst of being bullied by the child are just right. When we usually eat melons on Weibo, we often stand up and talk without backache. Seeing that there is a conflict between the couple, we blurt out "If it doesn't work, we divide", as if deciding to divorce is as easy as opening a bottle of Coke. During the movie, I have always tried to substitute Judy's emotions. I have three different answers to the question "Do you forgive Ma Ke's derailment" because of the gradual development of the plot. Having really experienced marriage, I know that every decision to change the trajectory of life is very difficult, and at this difficult time, there are not many wives who can still remain "decent" like Qi Xi.

Derailed at the beginning, it is destined that Ma Ke is not a perfect good person. When he meets the embrace of his old love, he will also "make the mistakes all men in the world make." What can a man do for his ex? The answer is domestic 007. An Aopiao social animal who cares for his family honestly and has nothing to do with the world, facing the help of his predecessor, he has no hesitation in jumping the train, rushing to Africa, bombing the pipeline, and rushing to the city government. At the beginning, Ma Ke just wanted to settle down with Zhou Siliang, and didn't want to be a whistleblower, but the two were bound to adventure again and again, and the truth gradually revealed. After all, the justice in his heart broke out, even if the gun was held against his head. Also blow the whistle hoarsely: please take a look!

Compared with Zhou Siliang, it is even more unbearable. Ma Ke's derailment is a moral issue, and while she is derailing, she also has a pair of dirty hands that deal with the black work for her husband. In addition, He Ma Ke betrayed his companions for money when he risked his life to explore the company's crimes, and it was almost useless. However, she still retains the most basic humanity: I am selfish, but I am not selfish enough to ignore the lives of millions of people in order to save myself. I can betray my peers in exchange for money in order to gain a new identity, but I can also sacrifice my freedom and even my life in order to blow the whistle.

The film truly portrays good people with flaws such as Ma Ke and Zhou Siliang. Compared with the previous protagonists of Gao Daquan, it looks more real and has a texture. In terms of completion, there is even a surprise element: the director seems to be able to target every line of each supporting cast, and there are many wonderful performances that are buried thousands of miles away, and the final ending is announced. The seemingly idle chatting between neighbors can turn out tricks. It reminds me of director Ning Hao’s famous work "Crazy Stone" more than ten years ago. "Whistleblower" gave me enough surprises. If I want to come to Director Xue to try this, I will be able to master this type of commercial film more skillfully in the future. , This is much more anticipated than a purely romantic movie.

In the process of watching the movie, I have been thinking, both of them are born and died, can the actor return to the ordinary family life? Tang Wei finally lived the life of the movie she wanted to her heart. Is she doing what she wants? This is true. Is it what she wants?

The film's unexpected ending makes this answer impossible to be answered on the screen, and it also makes the viewers feel endless and fascinating. There is only one life and destiny, and it cannot be repeated. Everyone's thoughts will also be driven to change continuously as things happen.

The only thing that will not change may be the justice rising from the bottom of my heart and the goodwill towards the whole world.