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四季的斑斓,悄然地在你奔波的车轮中,演绎你生命的履历;你的背影,曳着旭日升起,携着夕阳隐没 “冒险”也快结束了,我们很快找到了出口,一出门,我们既高兴又依依不舍,高兴的是经过这一天攀爬我们终于要回家了,但却仍然不舍那美丽如画的风景。



终于到达目的地了,我把车钱向他递过去,他用双手接了还说:“谢谢”。我出于习惯地答道“没有关系”。突然我发现拉车师傅的脸上,额头上,脖子上一颗颗晶莹豆大的汗珠滚落下来,我心里有一种说不出的滋味,或许是同情,或许是为刚才的话语忏悔,又或许是感动,我想那汗水代表是一种精神、信念、品质…… 他远去了,拉着那陈旧的黄包车远去了,弓着背的身影也渐渐远离了我的视线……


The beauty of the four seasons, quietly in the wheels of your running, interpret the history of your life; your back, rising with the rising sun, carrying the sunset, "adventure" is almost over, we quickly found the way out, and went out. , We are both happy and reluctant, happy that after this day of climbing, we are finally going home, but still reluctant to give up the picturesque scenery.

The time passed like this one minute after another, it was time to go home! How to go home? My pockets were empty. When we were extremely anxious, a rickshaw driver turned over from the corner and we called him. He was a little surprised at first, startled, and then turned around and wanted to leave. Maybe it was because we were too crowded and too heavy. We started to yell a few more times and waved our hands. Perhaps he felt our anxiety, and suddenly his heart softened. He pulled the car towards us. I secretly thanked: "Fortunately, I still have a few copper plates in my pocket, enough for the car. Fees go home".

We got in the car. Because the position was a bit crowded, I could only sit on someone’s lap with another small man. The car was not traveling fast. I gradually looked at this middle-aged man. He was dressed plainly and energetic. One foot, steady and steady. The way home is a bit difficult, especially the steep slopes, and every short section is a turn. I saw that the master pulling the cart seemed a little strenuous, and the speed slowed down even more. He arched his waist and walked with difficulty. Along the way, we just talked about the experience of this adventure, and I still complained from time to time: "If we take a bus, maybe it won't be so crowded." Before the voice was over, the other students also cast their approving eyes. But he was silent, just pulling the car hard, with cars roaring on both sides.

I finally arrived at the destination. I handed him the money for the car. He took it with both hands and said, "Thank you." I replied "it doesn't matter" out of habit. Suddenly, I found the big beads of sweat on the face, forehead, and neck of the master puller. There was an unspeakable feeling in my heart. Perhaps it was sympathy or confession for what I just said. Or maybe it was moved. I think that sweat represents a kind of spirit, belief, and quality... He went away, pulling the old rickshaw away, and the hunched figure gradually moved away from my sight...

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