公交优先 绿色出行”倡议书

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Urban public transportation is an important part of the city and is closely related to the production and life of the people. Practical experience at home and abroad shows that prioritizing the development of public transportation is the only "good way" to alleviate urban traffic congestion and promote the sustainable development of urban transportation. September 20th to 26th, 2021 is the national "Public Transport Promotion Week", with the theme of "Advocating Green Travel and Promoting Ecological Civilization". Jining Public Transport Group sincerely hopes that the general public and all walks of life will actively participate in the "Public Transport Promotion Week". "In the event, we will actively support the priority development of public transportation and create a civilized and harmonious public transportation environment. To this end, the following initiatives have been issued:

1. Take more public transportation and make low-carbon travel. Strive to be a propagandist, advocate and practitioner of green travel, insist on taking public transportation as the first choice for daily travel, take more public transportation for one day, and drive one day less, and strive to develop green, healthy and environmentally friendly travel habits. The beautiful home we live in is more green, more smooth, more civilized, and more healthy.

2. Understand public transport and support public transport. Whether it is severe cold or sweltering heat, bus drivers will stand by their jobs, be full of stars and moon, wind and rain, hard work and no complaints. Please understand and respect the bus driver, follow the driver’s persuasion, and ensure driving safety; please kindly point out the mistakes in the driver’s work and refrain from verbal abuse; when there is an emergency in the bus, please help and cooperate .

Three, civilized ride, start from me. Consciously queue up and get on and off the bus without being congested, crowded, or chasing and playing; take care of public transportation facilities, do not fight for seats, and actively give up seats for passengers who are old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant and holding children; Be polite and strive to understand and tolerate each other. Establish safety awareness, do not carry flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous items on the vehicle, and promptly persuade or report to the police when the situation is discovered.

Green travel and low-carbon life are our common responsibilities and obligations. Let us take active actions, starting from ourselves, starting from now, and jointly supporting the priority development of public transport, making "advocating green travel and promoting ecological civilization" a new fashion in life, and using our practical actions to prevent traffic jams in Jining City Contribute to work freely!

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