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一身盔甲,令所有对手溃不成军。但,你挡得住面前的攻打,却经不起背后的谋杀。一块中原大地般宽厚的背脊针针见血地负起了母亲的叮咛与沉雄的神舟:“精忠报国”。你醉心于把战表化作捷报,却不曾注意,金銮殿一个不露声色的檐角,已勾勒出风波亭的雏形。亭内,是?一个人的狂笑;亭外,是全天下人的痛哭。屠刀下落,宏文顿成断章。 精忠报国,换回的是屠刀下落--苦。






Always love to walk alone by the lake in the early morning, feeling the tenderness of the lake; always love to lean alone on the windowsill at dusk and appreciate the afterglow of the setting sun; always love to lean alone on the rocking chair in the middle of the night and appreciate the brightness of the moonlight.

I love history alone, and there is always an inexplicable, unclear taste.

(1) Yanyu Peach Blossom Lake

In a season when peach blossoms are in full bloom, Li Bai stands on the bow of the boat, which is the kind of small shuttle boat peculiar to Jiangnan. Wang Lun was on the shore, singing a farewell song that was said to have been there a long time ago. Beside them, the river was flowing leisurely, the peach blossoms were blooming brilliantly, and the light rain was worrying about it. Li Bai couldn't help it anymore, and the song "Gift to Wang Lun" was uttered, and it has been popular for thousands of years.

The long-lasting friendship-naturally sweet.

(2) Bloodbath Storm Bo Pavilion

A suit of armor makes all opponents defeated. However, you can withstand the attack in front of you, but you cannot withstand the murder behind you. A spine as broad as the Central Plains bears piercingly the mother’s warning and Shen Xiong’s Shenzhou: "Serving the country with loyalty and loyalty." You are obsessed with turning the battle table into a victory, but you haven't noticed that a quiet corner of the Jinluan Temple has outlined the embryonic form of the storm pavilion. Inside the pavilion, is a man's laughter; outside the pavilion, is the cry of the whole world. When the butcher knife fell, Hongwen broke the chapter. Serve the country with loyalty, in exchange for the whereabouts of the butcher knife-suffering.

(3) I am alone

He has a heart of worrying about the country and the people; he has a steadfast and unyielding heart; he has a high-spirited heart. He died for the dream in his heart without any regrets, and an eternal singular song was chanted amidst the ups and downs. Therefore, he became the sun and moon hanging high in people's hearts, and the flame of candles and candles will always shine on future generations. So there is no pure land for him to live in a world that is turbid. With the sorrow of worrying about the country and the people; with the sadness that has never been seen before; with the hatred that has never been seen before, he sank into the Miluo River in despair. Therefore, we mourn for thousands of years. Therefore, it is eternally fragrant.

Worrying about the country and the people, in exchange for the ruthless river water-astringent

Although history is far away from us, we still vaguely smell the aromas, let us savor the taste of history

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