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There are so many delicacies in the world, including the deliciousness of early spring carp, the sweetness of midsummer lotus seeds, the softness of late autumn lotus root, and the mellow flavor of late winter custard, but the only thing that can be loved by grandma is the only one that will last forever. A ray of green rice dumplings.

Zongxiang is conceived in the morning light.

The sunlight crossed the horizon and over the quaint roof, pouring down the warmth that had accumulated for the night. The grandmother, who was over sixty years old, used her withered hands to lightly ripple in the water. The white rice slid across the fingertips, like a delicately crafted little doll, swimming contentedly in his own little world. The sunlight poured down even more, draping them with a hazy neon clothes... I leaned lazily on the wicker chair, squinting at everything that was silent. This warm scene, as long as I can remember it, is often presented in front of my eyes, whether the flowers are blooming or falling, or the clouds are always there...

The fragrant rice dumplings ferment in the afternoon.

Grandma tied her silver hair and sat at the table. Spread the verdant banana leaves flat on the table, gently grabbed a handful of white rice and sprinkled on it, and then there was even more flowing water. The rickety hand was interspersed with extraordinary flexibility at this moment, like a little elf beating on the piano keys, it seems that this action has been deeply imprinted on the soul with the years. Whether it was a slim girl or an old man in sixties, the smile on the corner of the mouth and the softness of the eyes remain unchanged.

The fragrance of rice dumplings erupted in the dusk.

"Uh, uh..." like a stuffy spring in March. The rising white smoke blocked the view, but it also filled the kitchen with the smell of rice dumplings. With a light bite, the glutinous rice burst out on the tip of the tongue with the fragrance, first hit the brain, bringing the trembling of the soul. Those yellowing memories also flooded up...

For our young generation, this zongxiang is really ordinary. For Grandma Yu, it is more than just a dish, because it warms the years and carries the honor and disgrace of ancestors and ancestors. It has been flowing in the blood for a long time and has not changed. It has been passed down to this day...

What is perseverance, for grandma, but inherited craftsmanship.

What is a delicacy, it is not worth a ray of rice dumplings.

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