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(1) Me and my good friends

Hello everyone, I am a tiny bacterium, I am everywhere, in the water, in the air, and on the bodies of wild animals. Many wild animals are my good friends. I have different names when I am with them, and I can also summon many companions. When I am with bats, my name is Marburg virus, Ebola virus, Nipah virus. , Hendra virus or SARS virus; when I am with civet cat, I call it rabies virus or SARS virus. I will also decompose many kinds of parasites. Brother and sister of Trichinella. I will give birth to ticks when I am with snakes. The younger brother of insects, the younger sister of larvae.

(2) Terrible humans

One day, my friends and I were having a dinner in the forest. Suddenly, humans took us away together. Although the little bats are fierce and evil, these humans are not afraid, and they throw us into the hot cauldron and become their "delicious food". In this way, my bat friends and I have entered the human body. . I am fine with the wild animals, but I am very uncomfortable in the human body, and I want to find an exit to escape. I was jumping around in their stomachs. The humans were sick, fever, vomiting, and breathing difficulties, and finally I was vomited out by the humans. I breathed in the fresh air, and with the air I was sucked into other people's bodies. People went to the hospital to check, and the doctor gave me a terrible name, "coronavirus"! My spread is fast, and the whole Wuhan is full of my compatriots. Uncle doctors and sister nurses from all over the country came to help, and the police uncle had to lock down the entire city because of fear of the spread of the virus. However, we still couldn't stop us from going home. We took trains, cars, planes and other transportation to quickly come across the country and even abroad, but this is not our home.

(3) My confession

Humans panic, either staying at home, or wearing thick masks when going out, and some even wear protective clothing. Nevertheless, it was difficult to resist, and some people lost their lives. I'm sad! My bat friends and I don't want to harm humans. As long as you don't want to kill and eat wild animals, my friends and I will never come back. I want to go home, go back to my friends, and go back to the big forest. I hope everyone can forgive me for the mistakes I made, so that sick humans can get better soon.

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