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The thin and yet tasteful dough is wrapped with juicy fillings, and the exquisite and small shape makes people want a bite. This kind of food is dumplings.

For dumplings, I have a different kind of emotion. Although you can buy quick-frozen dumplings of different flavors in supermarkets, they always lack the flavor that impresses me, making them a bit more critical.

The dumplings in my memory are always made by my mother.

Whenever the days when shepherd's purse is on the market, my mother will take me to purchase the ingredients for making dumplings-shepherd's purse and pork. The green shepherd's purse has a charming fragrance, and the fresh pork is evenly fat and lean. You can tell that you can make delicious dumplings at a glance. When I got home, my mother started mixing stuffing. At this time, I like to stand on the side and sniff the original fragrance greedily. Even if it is not cooked, it makes people salivate.

After the fillings, water, and dumpling skins were all prepared, my mother started the big dumpling project. I saw that she skillfully picked up a spoonful of stuffing, put it in the dumpling wrapper, and pressed it evenly, and finally dipped a little water with chopsticks on the edge of the dumpling wrapper and gently applied the dumpling wrapper with her fingers. It also presents beautiful folds while being tight. The whole process was done in one go, and my fingers seemed to dance a beautiful dance, which made me unable to see enough. Sometimes I can't help making dumplings like my mother, but it always collapses. Mom always laughs at the ugliness of my dumplings, which makes me a little embarrassed. However, even if I was disgusted, I still enjoyed it. Such times are happy and happy.

When the dumplings arrived, the boiling water lifted the dumplings, the heat filled the air, and happiness spread in my heart. I waited with expectation for the dumplings to come out of the pot...Just after they were cooked, I couldn’t wait to swallow one, bite it, and the juice flowed out, making my whole mouth boil, and the fillings were free from the restraint of the skin. , All escaped, occupying my taste buds. That kind of satisfaction is something that no quick-frozen dumplings can bring.

Now, my mother is getting busier and busier, and I am still looking forward to her dumplings...

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