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Cake is a sweet treat that children love. Every time I pass by the cake shop, I will clamor to buy a piece to relieve my greed. Ever since I bought an oven at home, I have fallen in love with the cakes my mother made.

Today is Sunday, my mother is ready to make cakes again, and I volunteered to be my mother's little helper.

My mother asked me to take out the ingredients for making cakes: whisk, scale, flour, salad oil, sugar, and milk and put them on the table. At this time, my mother had already begun to separate the egg whites from the yolks. Afterwards, my mother gave me the divided egg yolks and asked me to weigh the relevant ingredients into the egg yolks in the order of the recipe, and I started the job happily. First, weigh the salad oil and milk, pour the egg yolk into the egg yolk and stir the ingredients in the bowl with chopsticks. Then use a small bowl separately to weigh a suitable low-gluten flour, and use a flour sieve to sift the flour into the mixed egg yolk. Next, I will mix the flour and egg yolk evenly. Mother was not idle, and started to beat egg whites with a whisk. When my batter was stirred into a smooth paste, my mother's egg whites had also been beaten as white as cream. The last step is to mix the egg yolk paste and egg whites, pour them into the baking tray, and bake them in the oven. After everything was ready, I started to wait foolishly.

Because the bakeware is flat and thin, it roasts very quickly. It takes ten minutes to smell the strong aroma, the taste is really more attractive than it tastes. Twenty minutes later, I only heard the ding of the oven, and it was finally ready. Mom put on heat-resistant gloves and took out the cake. I couldn't wait to reach out and try to get a little bit of it. "Oh, it's so hot!" Mom said with a smile, "Little greedy cat, I can eat it only when I get cold!"

After eating the cake, I felt so happy that I didn't forget to lick my hands after eating. I will never forget the fragrant and sweet taste, because this is the first time I have made it by myself.

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