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During this time, I was busy studying and taking exams, and I missed a lot of scenery. In the morning, I got into my father's car with sleepy eyes as before, still thinking about the contents of the book. In a daze, my father whispered to me: "Look! The kapok is on!" I opened it reluctantly. Eyes, looking to both sides of the road, two rows of tall kapok trees are blooming with fiery red flowers, and my eyes suddenly shine!

The kapok trees stand upright, majestic and burly, rushing straight into the sky, like a strong man standing proudly between the sky and the earth, with their branches superimposed on top of each other, stretching in all directions, just like spreading countless arms, defending a land at all times. The clusters of red cotton bloom brilliantly, especially eye-catching against the blue sky, like fires that burn happily and jump happily, and like dazzling rubies...

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, scholar Qu Dajun once described kapok like this: "The complex is like a bell and a lord, a red-petaled bear and a star with horns. A hero with a thick beard, a face, and a strong crown." On the land of Nanyue, many woods appeared. Historical figures with cotton temperament include Sun Yat-sen, who "consolidates the strengths of others and benefits from new creations", Xian Xinghai who uses music to save the nation from crisis, and Kang Youwei who is the reformer... , Turned into a towering tree-kapok, is chanted by people, the kapok tree symbolizes the strength and bravery of the people of Nanyue.

Walking into the campus of Caochangyingfei, a kapok tree greets you. If you look closely, you will find that the bark is covered with small bumps, like a soldier's armor. I picked up a fallen kapok flower, five thick petals clustered around the bright yellow flower core, like a fiery red horn blowing up to the sky, blowing the melody of spring. I can't help thinking: Why didn't I notice it before?

The kapok tree is not like the peach blossoms, not like the cuckoo, it is not like the magnolia flower. Its wood is a good material for papermaking, and the flowers, roots and skins are sterilized, and even white fruits can be used as life-saving materials.

Looking at the tall and straight tree trunks, stretched branches and fire-like flowers, the kapok tree has become a beautiful landscape in the city. It seems that I have strengthened my confidence and courage in life, and walked briskly to the classroom...

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