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Once, my mother and I went to the supermarket to buy things. Mother muttered to herself: "It has changed, it has changed..." I was a little surprised, and asked my mother: "Mom, what has changed?" Mom explained, "Before, there were no supermarkets at all, only small shops. Those shops. It’s not like a supermarket, but you tell the shopkeeper what you want to buy, and then the shopkeeper will help you pick it up, pay for it with one hand, and deliver it with the other.” I asked, “What you want can be bought in that kind of shop. "Is it?" Mom said, "That's not the case. You can only buy candy, snacks and other things in that kind of store. If you want to buy food, you have to go to the grocery store; if you want to buy dishes, you have to go to the grocery store; if you want to buy clothes, It’s very inconvenient to go to a clothing store to buy...More You can buy them in supermarkets.

In large supermarkets, even household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and microwave ovens can be bought, which is convenient. I asked, "When did the supermarket appear?" Mom recalled, and said, "It was probably around the 1980s." At that time, supermarkets were still relatively new to ordinary people like us. It's no surprise now. "I nodded and agreed: "With the Internet, our lives have become more convenient." People can go to various shopping websites to buy or sell various items. You can also shop around at the time of purchase and choose the goods that suit you best. And payment can also become more convenient, you can pay with a bank card or Alipay. "Mom also agreed.

When I took the shopping cart home, my mother and I discussed again: "There are not only such shopping carts, but also home delivery services. If you buy electrical appliances, you can even install them for you." I was silent. I thought: Shanghai has changed from a rural city to an economic city. What will Shanghai be like in the future?

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