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The applause from the audience was prolonged. Standing on the podium, holding the calligraphy award certificate, I was very excited, but at this time I wanted to say to my father: "Thank you, my dear father!"

Xingku has been a naughty child since I was a child. Free time is not to go up to the tree to catch "Zhi", or to go down the river to fish for shrimp. I'm so bored, I can't help but draw a few little people on my father's paper. In order to cultivate my "concentration", my father asked me to grab a brush. Who knows that this grab has passed eight springs and autumns.

With the help of my father, I won three firsts and one second in the district competitions. I couldn't help but feel complacent: "Dad, don't let me participate in any competitions in the future. I will be the first time I get home." My father smiled and took me to the juvenile painting and calligraphy exhibition held in the province. Only after seeing the exquisite calligraphy works on the wall did I understand what a "frog at the bottom of a well" is. My father led me to look at them one by one. Some of the words were magnificent, some were fresh and elegant, some were like tall mountains and turbulent seas, and some were like streams in the mountains, which were endlessly evocative. My father smiled and asked, "How?" I squeezed my father's hand: "Dad, go home and open the pen and ink, I am not willing to be left behind!" My father smiled softly again.

"When you lift a pen is to practice calligraphy," my father always taught me this way. In the summer, the sun was scorching, but I was beside the Quartet platform, brushing and splashing ink. My father also gave up the electric fan and air conditioner, and carefully guided me at the table: "Practicing calligraphy is to experience with heart, so that you can be more diligent!" In winter, the cold wind is bitter, and my father always stands by my side. , Helped me wash the pen, but forgot the frostbite on my hand. Every time he writes, he never forgets to remind me: "You must be like this character, prudent, and square." I understand my father's heart.

This time I won another prize in the Provincial Calligraphy Exchange Competition. My father looked at me from the stage, still with an amiable smile on his face.

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