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When you eat a candy, you will find it so sweet. But when you keep eating sugar, you will feel that these sugars have no taste. However, if you take a bitter gourd first and then a sugar, it will be very sweet again.

In the second semester of fifth grade, my math grades began to decline. At that time, my mathematics scores could hardly even reach 85 points. My mother is anxious for me, but she doesn't want to burden me. But the math teacher said that I was in a good class, which made her even more anxious.

In fact, I also know that my problem is sloppy, but this problem cannot be corrected.

At that time, I always dreamed of a river at night. I was on one bank of the river, and I seemed to want to go to the other bank. But because the river is too deep, there is no way.

That day, when my mother asked me to open the door, the voice was cheerful. I hurried to open the door, my mother rushed in happily, threw the bag on the table, and quickly pulled me into the room and said, "I have found a way, you try." Good eyebrows are fast. He flew up, and his face turned pink because of his excitement. Quickly arrange pens, drafts, and math problems with both hands.

I, who was stunned by the side, immediately sat down at the table and looked at her expectantly. "Using a pencil, draw out the key words of all the questions, and carefully review the questions. This way, I won't be sloppy." I hurriedly took out the pen and pencil and started to write the first ten. After I finished writing, my mother picked it up and looked at it: "Only three questions were wrong!" I was very disappointed: "There are still three wrong questions." "It's okay, take your time." Mom comforted me. I also know that my mother feels a little lost.

At that time, I always dreamed that I was still on the bank of that river at night, but this time I was trying to cross the bank.

After I kept reading the questions every day, the final exam came. I did it very fast. The pen in my hand seems to automatically output the answer, "brushing" like a dragon dance. But my heart that should have been beating "boom" was very quiet.

On the eve of getting the report card, I dreamt that I successfully crossed the river and reached the opposite bank safely.

The moment I got the report card, there was only one word in my heart, sweet! I got full marks! At this time I was sweeter than eating honey! Although I got the report card and haven't returned home, I can imagine my father in advance. , Mom, Grandpa, Grandma, they greeted me with smiles.

Pure sweetness has no meaning, sweetness is sweet because of bitterness.

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