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Autumn is here, the sky is high and the air is clear, the geese fly south, and the ginkgo leaves in our community have also turned from green to yellow. From a distance, the long Ginkgo Street seems to be full of fairies dressed in golden gauze.

Autumn is the most beautiful time for ginkgo trees. When you walk into the gate of the community, the large and small ginkgo leaves are waving its countless little hands, as if they are welcoming us! Look! Those yellowed leaves are gently blown by the autumn wind. It swings and looks very beautiful in the sunshine. A breeze blew, a few ginkgo leaves ran out of mother’s embrace, and fell with the wind, like a few butterflies dancing in the wind, it’s so beautiful! The ground around the ginkgo trees is covered with a thick layer of yellow leaves As soon as the wind blows on the carpet, the yellow blanket dances, and countless golden yellow leaves hit the ground on the ground, and when they walk on it, they make a "salsa" sound.

I couldn't help picking a ginkgo leaf from the ground and looking at it carefully. The leaves are golden, and there is a wave at the top of the leaves, which looks like a fan. Touching the surface of the ginkgo leaves is slippery, soft and tender, and very comfortable!

I want to pick up a few ginkgo leaves and tie them together, and they will become a big fan. In the hot summer, I give it to my mother so that it won’t get hot when she cooks in the kitchen. I also want to make it into a small flower and give it to the teacher to express my feelings for the teacher. I will also pick up two ginkgo biloba leaves and carefully clip it in the book, using it as a beautiful bookmark!

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