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Childhood, like an endless stream, flows slowly in my heart. In this stream, there are both joyful laughter and sad tears, but the deepest thing I remember is to count the things I did in my childhood It's a silly thing.

That was when I was four years old. One morning, my grandmother was cooking in the kitchen and found that the salt was gone, and she was at a loss for what to do. Why? Because I am the only one left at home. If she goes out by herself and leaves me alone at home, she doesn't know what will happen? So she feels uneasy. At this time, I saw through my grandmother’s difficulties, and volunteered to her grandmother: I will help you buy the salt. You? Grandma looked at me suspiciously. Yes! I've been there a few times! (Actually I haven't been) Grandma nodded helplessly.

Soon, I bought back the salt from the commissary, and I was happy that I could do something for the grown-ups. I didn't know if I accidentally stepped on the banana peel on the ground. Suddenly I fell and the salt bag fell on the ground and broke, and the white salt was scattered all over the ground. I immediately panicked and thought: The salt fell on the ground and soiled, so I must tell the bad news as soon as possible. Grandma listened.

As soon as I arrived at the gate of the yard, I saw Grandma Wang next door washing the rice. I suddenly had an idea, and thought: Since rice can be washed clean with water, then salt can also be washed clean. Thinking of this, I immediately borrowed a basin from Grandma Wang. Go to the street and put the salt into the basin, and ran to the faucet in the compound.

The water quickly filled the basin. I shook the basin vigorously, then reached in and stirred it. Knowing that the basin was empty, I was very panicked and ignored the basin, so I immediately ran home.

When I got home, I told my grandmother what happened. Before I finished speaking, my grandmother burst into laughter. She touched my head and said with a smile: Silly boy, salt is not as clean as rice, it dissolves in water. After speaking, he laughed again.

From this incident, I learned a truth: you must think twice before acting.

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