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In this film that changes according to reality, the real scene at the time can be seen under the actor's very tense interpretation. At the beginning of the film, the male protagonist mentioned that "the biggest challenge in life is to recognize the true value of things", of course, the things in it also include the life of his grandson. He is very proficient in the nature of wealth exchange in this world, but he also confuses people who approach him because of him or because of money? Human nature is too complicated, but art is always the same, so he is willing to use his grandson to be kidnapped 1/3 To buy an oil painting for his ransom, and at this time he did not decide to spend money to redeem his grandson.

We cannot legally condemn the male protagonist, because what he did is also in line with his values as a businessman, shopping malls, money is greater than family affection. Although we cannot understand his coldness and stinginess as a businessman, the film focuses on rational interpretation, so there are not many emotional dramas in it. It also reflects the relationship and contradiction between money and human nature. The director also wants to make the judges self-reflection based on this film.

Ordinary people will not be as calm as a male protagonist until they think about tax avoidance on everything. The phone booth is installed in the home to prevent others from occupying their own resources. He will not even do anything related to charity. Even if he is there, it is for tax avoidance... ... Ordinary people can't be so extreme and focused. The trait of the world’s richest man is a businessman who can bargain everything, and what are our traits in this world of money?

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