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The TV series "Huakaishan Township", which highlights the theme of consolidating poverty alleviation and becoming rich, and revitalizing the countryside, is currently on the air. The characters of the drama are vividly portrayed and the plot is simple and down-to-earth.

If the nation is to rejuvenate, the village must be rejuvenated. The rural revitalization strategy is the latest strategic move of the Party Central Committee under the new situation based on my country’s agricultural and rural farmers’ issues. It is forward-looking, scientific and pertinent. It is the core territory for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. A big event. To consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and become rich, implement rural revitalization, and build a new socialist countryside. If there is no strong grassroots party organization to guarantee, then the goal of rural revitalization will be difficult to achieve. At present, most of the educated and aspiring young people, some stay in the city to find jobs after college, some serve as soldiers, some go out to work, and most of the people who stay in the countryside are the elderly, women and children. Therefore, there is an urgent need for outstanding cadres from government agencies to serve as the "first secretary" in the rural areas where rural revitalization is implemented. This is a powerful measure to strengthen the power of the most basic organizations in rural areas.

As a poverty alleviation cadre sent from the central government agency to Miyueshan Village as the first secretary, Bai Lang did not covet the ease of agency work and was not afraid of the hardships of rural work. He led the two village committees to unite the scattered villagers to overcome various difficulties, defend the green mountains and build beautiful homes, promote rural revitalization on the basis of consolidating the results of poverty alleviation, and create a beautiful and ecologically livable village. With his tenacity, he works steadily, does practical things, and does good things. He is the first secretary who is political, responsible, grounded, and capable, and our rural revitalization requires such outstanding cadres to become the number one leader in the countryside. A secretary. The broad masses of grassroots cadres must build up confidence and determination, actively participate in the specific practice of rural revitalization, be a "grounded" struggler in the field, be a "heart-warming" service provider for the grassroots, and earnestly implement the requirements of rural revitalization. Let the countryside shine with new style, new atmosphere and new pattern.

As a grassroots party member and cadre, I deeply felt the sense of responsibility and mission on my shoulders. In the next work, I will vigorously promote the great spirit of poverty alleviation, take root and serve the grassroots with more enthusiasm, serve the people wholeheartedly, keep in mind the original mission, base my work, and actively play the role of the Communist Youth League as a bridge linking youth. , To serve, condense, and cultivate young talents as the starting point, and continue to contribute youth power to the rural revitalization work of Suning County.

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