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Every fall, it reminds me of the scent of "sweet-fried millet".

The first time I smelled the scent of "sweet-fried millet" was when our family was traveling in Tokyo, Japan. I still remember that it was a season of autumn wind, we went to Sensoji Temple, which was planted with ginkgo trees. When the wind blows, the yellow ginkgo leaves will follow the wind and fall like a yellow butterfly, falling on our bodies and on our feet. We stepped on these yellow leaves, feeling the thick autumn. At this time, we smelled a burst of scent accompanied by the wind, and it turned out that it was a roadside vendor selling "sweet-fried millet".

We bought a bag for a try. When the vendor handed a heavy bag of sugar-fried millet to my hand, the hot chestnuts warmed Bingbing's hands! We sat on the stone bench under the Sensoji tree , The whole family shared the delicious autumn. Sugar-fried millet tastes sweet, I don’t know whether it is the original sweetness of millet or the sweetness of sugar? I think it is better than candy. After eating a few pieces, it feels warm and full. From this moment on, I can't remember this feeling.

From then on, I would like to try all the millet-flavored foods. Steamed rice with millet or rice dumplings wrapped by grandma are fragrant and delicious, but there is no sweet one. The fall-limited millet cake is sweet and delicious, but There is no fragrant, so I think it’s best to sautéed millet with sugar!

Every time I walk on the road, as long as I smell the aroma of sugar-fried millet, it reminds me of the surprise and warmth that sugar-fried millet brings to me in the cold air of Sensoji Temple. Millet is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is good for health if eaten in moderation. It can increase the aroma of food when it is eaten. It can be said to be a gift of autumn.

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