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The warm sun illuminates the earth, the crickets hide in the dark, singing a cheerful "Summer Song", and the big tree shakes its leaves, awakening people to start a new day. On this beautiful morning, our family will go to Beigong Forest Park to appreciate nature.

Facing the warm wind, we came to the park. As soon as I entered the scenic spot, I was immediately attracted by the scenery of the waterfowl lake. I saw the lake and the sky, the water was as clear as a mirror, the white goose stretched out its slender neck, and its legs gracefully made a wave in the water. It was really "white hair floating in the green water, and the anthurium clearing the waves"! Light breeze! Passing the lake, the willow branches hanging down to the water shook gently, and the cicadas on the tree sang "Sonata" loudly, as if they were welcoming us. As I approached the lake, the small fishes in the crevices of the stones swam out one after another, such as flexible loach, small zebrafish and brightly colored guppy. The guppy swims so fast, I saw it swinging its tail and swimming out like an arrow for a long time. All kinds of fish swimming together, it made me dazzled and dizzy. This is really the best performance I have ever seen! This picture emerged in my mind: a family rowing a boat on the lake , White clouds drifted under the boat, and were gently shattered by our oars, like thin catkins floating in the gentle breeze.

Then we went to climb the mountain. On the mountain, green trees came into view. They stretched out their thick branches and thick leaves, like a giant umbrella blocking the hot sun from the mountains. The small waterfall on the mountain slipped leisurely, extremely clear, and the water splashed down, drawing beautiful concentric circles, blue waves reflecting, and ripples swirling. My heart is also rippling with the ripples. The voices of the tourists are very low, and they seem to be afraid of disturbing the beauty of this world.

In the afternoon, we left the park with a louder than louder tweet. The beauty of Beigong Forest Park seems to have become a beautiful landscape painting, which is deeply engraved in my mind. I am the person who smiles the most brilliantly in the painting.

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