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One porridge, one meal, thinking is hard to come by; half a thread and half a thread, constant thoughts and material resources are difficult. "Saving food is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it has not changed since ancient times.

Since childhood, Mom and Dad have asked us not to leave food leftovers when we eat. In precepts and deeds, we have long regarded it as a habit, and we eat the dishes in the bowl cleanly every time we eat. My younger brother and I often compete to see whose bowl is cleaner!

School starts, and all the students have lunch at school. Although the teacher emphasized in the morning meeting that we must save food and act on CD-ROMs, I found that some students took advantage of the teacher's attention to throw away the unfinished food in the bowl. What a waste!

Although my country’s grain crops have been harvested year after year, the area of arable land only accounts for 12.5% of the country’s land area. What a small number compared to the country’s 1.4 billion population. In order to increase the grain yield per acre, Grandpa Yuan Longping and his team spend all day doing experiments in the real danger field. "If you are not at home, you must be in the real insurance field; if you are not in the real insurance field, you must be on the way to the experimental field." This is a true portrayal of Yuan Longping's life. Grandpa Yuan Longping is dedicated to researching hybrid rice. From the research on hybrid rice till now, no one can count how much time Grandpa Yuan Longping spends day and night and forgets to eat and sleep in the real danger fields. Even if Grandpa Yuan is over 90, even though his body is not as good as before, he still "cannot control" his legs towards the rice field. Grandpa Yuan said: "Before going to bed at night, think about how my super rice looks like, whether there are diseases and insect pests, and whether the weather is drought." How can we just waste the hard work of Grandpa Yuan's team?

How to let the students save food and not waste food? After a few students in our group discussed, we decided to take turns to be a small supervisor. Every day we sent a classmate to stand in front of the classmate's leftovers to check what the classmates had eaten. Plate, to ensure that every student can do it without waste. The teacher was very supportive of our ideas and asked me to represent the whole class in the class and team class, "save food, start from me" initiative, and let the whole class take action as little volunteers.

Due to the proper publicity and supervision, every day in the leftovers frame of our class, except for some soup bones, we can hardly see the food. Every student can earnestly finish the food in his rice bowl. For this reason, we Ban has also been praised!

In fact, it is not difficult to save food. As long as we take action, we can save a little bit of food every day after eating every meal carefully, and the whole country can save several tons or even dozens of tons of food a day, rejecting waste on the tip of the tongue. It is our duty!

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