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Last week, our school held a fun sports meeting for teachers and students, and I also signed up. I'm so happy!

What I reported is a very interesting competition event, you will know it after a while!

My heart is very nervous, I want to compare this project immediately now. Every one of the white people’s eyes passed. It was my turn. My heart was beating. Soon, the game started. As soon as the teacher blew the whistle, the game started! There are two mats in a class, let’s get to one first. On the mat, the teacher held the other mat in his hand, and the teacher threw the mat. Several of our classmates followed the teacher and jumped to another mat. The last one is not easy to do. They want to jump to another mat. I have to pick up another mat and give it to the teacher.

This is the most critical time. If a classmate accidentally touches it, points will be deducted. If a few classmates touch the ground, some points will be deducted. There are only two small cushions in a class, so that all teachers and students can stand up and keep stable. Some people may fall, but our class does not. It is precisely because our classmates are united and help each other. We won't have a classmate and teacher fall down. At the critical moment of winning or losing, our speed is faster, and every one of our classmates and teachers has the confidence to hope to win. But in the end, we still failed to take the first place, but the second place, but we did not complain at all about other students, we did not do a good job, we are the second place, in our hearts is good enough, because we Knowing that friendship is first and competition is second, even if we are third, we are just as happy.

Our school will have many such activities in the future. Our class should be positive and take part in more activities so that our physique will be better. More confident to take first place.

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