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All sports competitions are inseparable from one word, that is, grabbing. In football matches, athletes do their best to grab the football. Today, we played a game called Grab Eraser. The rules of the game are: Both sides stand at both ends of the table, with their hands crossed on their chests, and the referee will issue orders to determine whether to grab with the left hand or with the right hand. Before the referee issues an order, he cannot reach out to grab the rubber, otherwise he will lose. If you reach the wrong hand, you also lose.

The game started. I stood at the other end of the table and saw Jin Hanmin staring at my battered rubber, with a serious expression on his face. I thought in my heart: I will definitely beat you down. 1--2--Teacher Ren gave the order, left hand! I grabbed the eraser at lightning speed. The second round started. Jin Hanmin's speed was not as fast as before, so I lost this round. I muttered in my heart: Oh, what a bad luck!

The third round was a crucial round. The classroom was suddenly silent, and even the sound of an embroidery needle falling on the ground could be heard! When Teacher Ren shouted out his left hand, ‘I have seen the eraser in Jin Hanmin’s hand. Alas, I lost! But when I took a closer look, he fouled. It turns out that he stretched out the wrong hand! Yeah! I won! With my shouting, there was a deafening noise from the teacher. It turned out to be the cheers of the other winner.

I was thinking: This rubber-grabbing game can not only exercise our mental endurance, but also bring laughter. It really kills two birds with one stone.

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