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Everyone has a first time, this first time may be pleasantly surprised, may be proud. But this time, it was a challenge of guts for me!

Alas... This Chinese New Year is really hard for me! I won't say anything when I wake up at three or four o'clock, and I can't do anything in the car for five hours. Even if I didn't encounter a traffic jam, I was suffocated... But it was strange that my mother drove home. First time!

After a long trek, we returned home without getting lost. I want a whip tonight*!

After watching the Spring Festival Gala for a long time, it finally reached 12 o'clock. However, I was scared again. Seeing that the long and large whip* has been placed. It's all ready to ignite. I hesitated for a second, and that second seemed extremely long. It was all my thoughts. Then he blurted out: Let me order. The crowd on the side immediately roared: "Okay, okay! Come on!" "Are you still a girl?" "I haven't seen you in a few months, I have become bolder." The second uncle stood there and asked, "Are you sure? ?" Seeing them like that, I instantly relaxed "Yes!"

I found a white cotton thread on the head of the whip. This is the legendary lead. I tried the lighter again. Well, the fire is quite high. I put the fuse on the lighter and ignited it. Sparks appeared on the lead end. I took two steps back and watched the sparks bloom randomly in the air. The noise is not flattering. This is actually a very familiar scene. I was a little surprised myself. Shouldn't I scream, cover my ears, and run back to the back room?

I found a kind of fireworks on the market. The boss said it was spinning on the ground. At the same time* a beautiful spark. Indeed, I have admired its beauty, and I have been surprised because of its changes. But why, when I lit it, it went up to the sky. This is the first time I have seen such a firework. Fireworks that can go to the sky are expensive, but this kind of fireworks is not only cheap, you can also watch them go to the sky...

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