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Like books, like this silent teacher. I love history books because they teach me so much...


Qu Yuan put on torture instruments on his hands and feet and was imprisoned in the East Emperor Taiyi Temple. Outside the temple is violent wind, thunder, and lightning; inside the temple there are hideous earthen puppets...

He wandered helplessly in the temple. He saw Zhang Yi and Zheng Xiu thoroughly. He wanted to prevent a conspiracy to split and sell the Kingdom of Chu. He wanted King Chu Huai to understand everything...

It was the history book that opened this scene and made Qu Yuan stand in front of me alive. He said to me earnestly and earnestly: "The road is long and long, and I will search up and down." He told me "We must stick to the truth!" How tragic it is. Generosity and passion.

In the end, he resolutely jumped out of the river. His desperate behavior in insisting on fighting for freedom and resisting evil taught me to always defend the truth and be upright.


"The bedside room has no leaks, and the rainy feet are still numb." How helpless this is. It was the history book that brought me to Du Fu Thatched Cottage. A low thatched house swayed in the wind and rain, and the house was dim, with crystal teardrops leaking from the cracks in the mud wall.

"Mr. Du, are you crying?"

In such an environment, who can not cry: the rain hits the bed, the table, the chair, and oneself can only sit by the bed and wait~Wait, when will it be dawn?

However, I got it wrong. Here you yelled out the strongest voice of that era: "There are tens of thousands of buildings in Ande, and the world is full of joy." You taught me: "No matter what environment you are in, We must take care of the world and the people."

I suddenly understood, I understand you, how Mr. Du chanted half of the Tang Dynasty, I also understand why you are willing to live in the Cao Lu and hope that the world's poorest people live in Guangsha.


Maybe some people feel sorry for Qu Yuan being imprisoned, maybe some people feel sorry for Du Fu because he lives in the cottage.


Don't feel sorry for Qu Yuan being imprisoned. He insisted on the truth until he died. In the end, he jumped into the river angrily because he wanted to arouse people's awakening:

There is no need to feel sorry for Du Fu because he lives in the old house. What he hopes is for future generations to have the world and care for the people. Then he can rest in peace.


In teaching and educating people, he has already accomplished what a "teacher" should do, even more than what a teacher wants to do.

Book, open that thick history book again, and my never-spoken teacher took me to a magical country again.

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