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The sound of birds chirping by the ears quietly sounded, and the fragrance of wheat lingered around, as if you were in a vast wheat field. This is just a real dream. Today is Monday, and I still have to go to school, alas!

  I reluctantly opened my eyes and escaped from this beautiful dream. But when I opened my eyes, I was jumped by the sight in front of me! I was actually in the vast rice field. And the sweet bird song just now was made by the bird on my shoulder. It doesn't seem to be afraid of people. I waved it away, but found that I couldn't move, and when I fixed my eyes, I actually became a "living" scarecrow!

  I haven't escaped from the scary aftertaste of becoming a scarecrow, I heard someone coming to me, jumping for joy, and squeaking the wheat under my feet. It was two children. The child who took the lead wore white baseball caps. The clean white was soaked in sweat for a long time and turned into a pale yellow. The little girl behind her was dark-skinned and dressed in a floral skirt. They came over and hung the schoolbag on my arm. It was a little heavy, and I couldn't help but let out a "Ouch". I can talk! It seems that they also jumped down.

  They backed away in shock, "It won't know that it's going to be thrown away, has it manifested itself?" the little girl said. What? I just accepted the reality of becoming a scarecrow, and I am about to be thrown away? "Don't talk nonsense, we will protect the gifts that grandpa gave us." My sadness was interrupted by the little boy's words.

  The roar of machinery working on the wheat field cuts through the sky, and I understand why the scarecrow was thrown away. Now that the technology is so advanced, with the bird-catching machine, the scarecrow is superfluous. But in order not to expose myself, I still comforted me: "It's okay, let your grandfather do it for you."

   "But our grandpa is no longer there. This is the only gift he left for us." I thought of my grandpa. He was no longer there, but nothing was left.

   "Then protect it as hard as you can, and your parents will understand you." They suddenly looked up at me and nodded hard. I also smiled hard, and greeted them to come and sit next to me, and fall asleep in the fragrant wheat together.

  Since then, on the vast expanse of wheat fields, there is always a scarecrow watching.

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