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As soon as the teacher came to the classroom, he smiled at me, and I pursed my lips in a funny way. Many classmates noticed and looked at me in surprise. Hanxue twisted me and said, "You girl, what's the trick?" No one knows. In yesterday's exam, I would get a zero score.

The teacher smiled and said to everyone: "Yesterday’s exam was very successful, and the most noticeable one was a very special test paper. The 100 questions were all wrong on this paper, but I didn’t want to give her a zero. Because I can't easily hurt a sense of innovation, why?" There was silence in the audience.

"Zero score, won't it be so bad, right?" A classmate couldn't help but say. "Is this bad?" The teacher smiled and said to everyone: "I don't dare to say that this is bad. This zero score implies wisdom that the respondent should not underestimate. Its respondent is our class leader Huang Xiaoyu. "There was an uproar in the classroom.

Classmate He Ling stood up and said, "Teacher, if it were me, would you give a ‘duck egg’ unceremoniously?" There was a lot of laughter in the classroom. The teacher said: "It seems that you still have to tie the bell to untie the bell, so I can only call classmate Xiaoyu to answer."

I stood up and smiled, and everyone applauded. He Ling seems to be dissatisfied. I haven't spoken yet. She speaks first: "Squad leader Xiaoyu, I know that your smile is very attractive, just like when you are singing on stage, you can win applause with just a smile, but today you This zero score, I don’t want you to explain it with a smile."

Faced with everyone, I still smiled calmly, then turned my face to He Ling: "Actually, 100 points and 0 points are the same concept in a sense. If I can't achieve 100 points, I can do it. 0 points? I just changed the way of answering questions." "Wow!" There was another commotion in the classroom. He Ling stood up again and said, "I know you always like to be different, but in the face of serious exams, you can't tease the teacher like this!" "I totally agree!" I took the lead in applauding He Ling.

The teacher signaled everyone to be quiet: "My classmates, I don’t think Xiaoyu meant to tease the teacher. I hope everyone will notice that yesterday we had the'Innovation Cup' knowledge contest. Without giving up the traditional way of thinking, we can break through ourselves. Huh? Today, I decided to award the first place to classmate Xiaoyu." After listening to the teacher's words, bursts of applause broke out in the classroom.

After class was over, He Ling walked up to me and showed a long-lost smile: "Squad leader, I will convince you."

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