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我等啊等,等啊等,终于螃蟹上桌了。我跑去厨房倒了点醋, 然后带好手套,拿起一只螃蟹,先把螃蟹掰开,分成手、腿和身子,然后把腿里的肉挑出来,沾一点醋放到嘴里。啊!真的太好吃了,那味道就仿佛是一股原始森林里的晨露落进我的嘴里,清新鲜美,一下子就激活了我全部的味蕾。我又解决了前面的大钳子,最后,把螃蟹的壳打开,用筷子把蟹黄挑出来,同样沾了一点醋,放入嘴里,这味道更是鲜美无比、纯净无比,“此味只有天上有,人家哪得几回闻?”




On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, grandpa bought a lot of crabs, and grandma steamed them in the kitchen. As soon as we got back, it smelled so good, I couldn't wait to sit at the table and wait.

I waited and waited, waited and waited, finally the crab was on the table. I ran to the kitchen to pour some vinegar, then put on gloves, picked up a crab, first broke the crab, divided it into hands, legs and body, then picked out the meat from the legs and put a little vinegar in my mouth. what! It was really delicious. The taste was like a morning dew from the virgin forest falling into my mouth. It was fresh and beautiful, and it instantly activated all my taste buds. I solved the big tongs in front. Finally, I opened the shell of the crab and picked out the crab roe with chopsticks. I also dipped it with a little vinegar and put it in my mouth. The taste is even more delicious and pure. "This smell is only heavenly." Yes, how many times do people hear it?"

"Ah! There are crabs to eat today!" My brother came back and saw the crabs like a mouse when he saw rice, his eyes were so bright. I saw my brother put on his gloves, picked up a crab, dismembered and sorted it skillfully, ate the meat in the crab's legs cleanly, and ate the meat in the large crab tongs cleanly. Finally, the younger brother picked up the crab's body and began to eat. Suddenly, the younger brother yelled. I immediately stopped eating and put down the crab in my hand. The younger brother opened his mouth and pointed to his teeth. Oh, it turned out that the loose tooth in his mouth fell out. I laughed loudly: "Delicious guy, eat crabs, eat your teeth!" My brother clutched his cheeks and ran to the bathroom to rinse his mouth, came out angrily and vowed: "It hurts me to death, I won't eat crabs again!" The whole family laughed.

On this day, our family is very happy. Because my brother has always been reluctant to go to the hospital for tooth extraction, this time he ate crab and got the tooth out. We had a delicious meal of crabs and saved medical expenses. It really served two birds with one stone!

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