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   咪咪是一只非常通人性的小猫,也许它早已听见我们的谈话,正躲进小房子里不肯出来呢。怎么办呢?我目不转睛地盯着咪咪的小房子,忽然,我瞧见咪咪最爱的小鱼干——有办法了!我把小鱼干拿在手上,一步一步,引诱咪咪落入“陷阱”...... “扑通!”咪咪掉进澡盆里了。




On the weekend, my mother stopped me with a smile: "Xiaolan, my dearest, beautiful and wise girl..."

  "Stop!" As soon as I heard this, I knew it was okay. "What's the matter?" Looking at my mother's mysterious face, I still curiously replied.

   "It's really sunny today, it's a good day for taking a shower!" Mom said with a grin.

I heard the overtones. "I see, our'Mimi' hasn't taken a bath for a long time. Does it want to take a bath?" I rolled my eyes and pointed out mercilessly.

   "That's right. Are you happy? Give Mimi a bath, there is a bonus for encouragement!" After speaking, her mother pursed her lips and slipped away.

   Hey, who made me shy recently! I had to lower my noble head and reluctantly give "Mimi" a bath to earn some extra money.

   Mimi is a very human cat. Maybe it has heard our conversation and is hiding in the small house and refuses to come out. How to do it? I stared at Mimi’s little house, and suddenly, I saw Mimi’s favorite dried fish-there is a way! I took the dried fish in my hand, step by step, luring Mimi into a "trap"... "Plop!" Mimi fell into the bathtub.

I first put Mimi's little fish toy next to it to attract its attention; then I put the towel in the water and gently wiped its whole body with the wet towel. Mimi squinted her eyes, looking very comfortable. I applied some special shower gel to it, rubbed it, and gently combed its snow-white soft hair with my fingers, and let it soak for a while.

Then, while it was not paying attention, I showered it with warm water. Now Mimi quit, meowing, shaking her head desperately, twisting her body, and splashing. Maybe I accidentally spilled water into his eyes? Without thinking about it, I grabbed its two small front feet and lifted it up in the air, making it unresistible, unable to move, and obediently letting me wash it.

Finally, you don’t have to guess, just use a hair dryer to dry "Mimi"'s hair...

The refreshing and refreshing Mimi was extraordinarily beautiful and energetic. She meowed at me twice, turned over and jumped to the ground, shaking her body and making her hairy, as if thanking me.

Hey, it turned out to be really tiring to give "Mimi" a bath! I also realize how hard my mother usually washes and bathes for me!




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