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On the weekend, I was tidying up my room, and suddenly I noticed that there was a slender glass vase in my mother’s room. It was shaped like a gourd with thick ends and a thin center. The patterns on it were all beautiful flowers, some of them yellow. Blue, pink, purple... I like it very much, so I took it to fill some water first, and I took a flower and put it in the vase.

Finally, I took it to the balcony of my room and slowly appreciated it. I was so satisfied, and even forgot to clean up the room. Only then did I realize that I was holding a sunflower. I heard from my mother that sunflowers are expressions. Confident sunshine and loyal silent love, watching it grow toward the sun, I think this is the love of sunflowers for the sun, and I believe that with a beautiful vase, it can be more brilliant.

     The next day, when I went to school and was in self-study class, I saw that the same table bought a new pen. The nib was golden, very dazzling, and the writing was smooth, and the sound was nice. I remembered my art pen. It was given to me by my mother on my birthday. It can be thick or thin. It is smoother and smoother than those at the same table, and the sound is better than those at the same table. It’s like a song from a piano. I just want to show it off.

I took it out for the tablemate to watch. The tablemate was very envious and said that this is a good pen, but because of pride, my hand slipped and the pen fell to the ground, ah, like a horn, I picked it up and fell in half. Art pen, trying to put them back, but no matter how you put them back, I can't put them back. I was very frustrated and stopped talking. When I got home, I saw a gust of wind blowing down the vase on the balcony. The vase fell to the ground and shattered, and the sunflower inside withered.

     At this time, I suddenly realized that it was because of my vanity that my art pen would fall in half, and my vanity was like a vase. Although beautiful, it was easily broken.

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