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With gray hair, gully face, dark black eyes, and stumbling forward with a polished cane, this is my old lady.

The old lady is ninety-three years old. Like other people of the same age, the old lady is not in good health and walks tremblingly. "Boom—Boom when I heard this combination of sounds from afar, I knew it was the old lady.

Every time I go back to my grandmother's house, the old lady will always go out early to greet me. Before getting close, I would hear the crisp sound of the crutches landing, until her slowly moving figure appeared in front of my eyes. When I rushed up and helped her to soak the steamed bun, she would definitely grin out her toothless mouth and smile into a flower.

Maybe, that's why the old lady is very happy every time she sees me, she always grabs a handful of candies and stuffs it into my hand. When her mother stopped, the old lady always stared: "I didn't give it to you, I'm giving it to my granddaughter!" Mom had to obediently swallow the words that came to her lips. I heard from my mother that in the past, the old lady was very patriarchal. Whenever she had something good, she would first give her grandchildren, grandchildren, mothers and sisters a face that had never seen her, let alone any snacks. She was always right. Several granddaughters said: "The girl's family, don't be greedy!" When she said this, her mother's tone was always sour. "I don't know why she treats you so well."

Not long ago, my aunt came back from her hometown and brought a big and long winter melon by the way. Oops, this is a weird thing, it took me a lot of effort to move upstairs. "This winter melon is delicious for you. Your old lady asked me to bring it here." The aunt seemed to think of something: "I really convinced her old man, she almost fell when she walked alone, so why do you carry it this time? Isn’t it okay with such a heavy winter melon? I really can’t do anything with her!” Looking at this big black winter melon, I seemed to see an old lady who was stumbling around and taking care of vegetables, and saw her touching the winter melon. , I saw her figure struggling to carry the winter melon, pulling a cane a few steps and shaking...In an instant, tears filled my eyes.

Listen, the sound of "Boom—Boom—" is getting clearer and clearer. The sound of the old lady's crutches hitting the ground has become the most moving ballad in my life.

I know that the staggering footsteps and the crisp "boom-buzz -" sound will always accompany me.