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Junior high school life is like a plate of strange flavored beans. It looks the same on the surface, but they all have different tastes, whether they are sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. You only know if you eat them.

Sour is the first of the four flavors, so I start with sour. In physical education class, students kept talking when they were queuing, and it usually took a long time to arrange the formation. As a result, due to dissatisfaction with discipline, the teacher said something that surprised everyone: "Today's physical training includes push-ups, bunny jumps, duck steps, running laps, and squats for two groups each." , Many students shouted: "I'm exhausted, my legs are so sore!"

Sweet-in the anxiety of anticipation, the test scores finally came out. I have taken sixty-three exams in the whole year. Thinking of the happy expressions of my parents will definitely reward me. When the essay was well received, when the whole class became a model essay, my heart was as sweet as eating honey. When the composition is published and the point record is high, I feel happy.

Suffering-final exams are coming soon, one by one papers, piles of homework, I wake up and study in the dark every day, and must be proficient in Chinese, mathematics, English, geography, history, biology, and politics. The pressure of school ranking lingers in my mind from time to time. , Facing difficulties. Students are suffering! Also, it’s easy to write a essay and it’s difficult to change it, sometimes for a word or a sentence. I often have to search my intestines and scratch my stomach, thinking hard to get a good sentence occasionally.

Spicy-only after entering junior high school can you experience the real spicy. Faced with the "red cross" on the exam papers and homework books, some are simple mistakes, and some are repeated mistakes. Seeing the teacher's "nothing to say" remarks, whose face does not feel red and hot.

Experience the bitterness of life, understand the sourness of life, and feel the spiciness of life. In the end, you can feel the sweetness of life. Only by tasting the ups and downs in life can you be tempered, and life can be full and full, rich and complete, and the meaning of life is necessary in this way.

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