初恋这件小事 观后感

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I like the simple story of First Love, which explains the true meaning of a beautiful love. Mood also closely follows the plot rise and fall. Small water because of secret love Alang senior high school, so constantly change themselves, join the drama club, as a band conductor, study hard and finally took the first test. Finally, from the ugly duckling metamorphosed into a Beautiful White Swan, finally have the courage to express his love to Ryo, but because of a series of misunderstanding and missed. Little water cried and fell into the swimming pool, lost Go handicaps let everyone see all distressed. Near the end of the story, Xiaoshui is graduating from junior high school. He is going to the United States to meet his father, whom he hasn't seen for years. He is studying there. When we think that they have lost their last chance, ah Liang appears at the door of the weeping Xiaoshui family, put down a photo album and go inside. The original elders have been in the silent attention to small water. As the album opens, the past reappears, but this time from Ryo's point of view. This is not a one-sided love, but a two-way secret love, beautiful and tearful. The so-called secret love is generally like this, people happy at the same time let people sad, let people strive to become beautiful but not necessarily happy ending, but let people not forget. Whether or not a lover can finally get married, that relationship is the most beautiful scenery in memory. Perhaps this is the best gift, because like a person does not have to be with him, even if the heart is sad, even if once for his tears, will also bless him. At least, we have a common memory, is content. The First Love story ends unexpectedly, nine years later, with Xiaoshui returning and the two successful men finally meeting on the same show. Fortunately, small water is still the face of the students nervous speechless lovely girl, and bright is still the silent attention to her, waiting for her return of the students. That's how the story ends, and it makes the rest of US weep with joy. We have not yet from the front of the missed grief in the recovery, a warm reunion surrounded by joy, and again tears. What could move us more than this Asmara Moerni story? Love, friendship, family, are simply into the warm and humorous plot, let us unconsciously become the First Love, laugh together, together serious, but also together with tears. No embellishments, no complicated plots, no mushy love talk.

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