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What makes our blood, what makes our blood surging, is the hope of life, connected with how much selfless care. Life Calls for blood; love calls for devotion. To this end, we Dongfeng South Group in the name of love to all employees of the company and people from all walks of life issued an initiative: Let us fulfill our civic duty with honor, in the spirit of caring for society, the spirit of care for others to actively participate in the honor of the unpaid blood donation team to donate a warm blood, a piece of love. You know what, my friend? A large number of scientific studies have proved that blood donation is beneficial to health. After blood donation, because the number of blood cells reduced, stimulate bone marrow hematopoietic tissue, promote the formation of blood cells, often in accordance with the prescribed period of blood donation, can make the bone marrow maintain vigorous hematopoietic activity. Repeated regular blood donation will make the blood viscosity decline, to prevent cerebrovascular disease has a positive significance, to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease has a positive preventive role. Experts encourage the body too much iron men more blood donation, not only to prevent cancer, but also help physical and mental health. You know what, my friend? Unpaid blood donation is not only the unity of friendship, selfless dedication of the specific performance of the spirit, but also a way of mutual help. Unpaid blood donors who donate more than 200 ml of blood at one time May, within five years from the date of donation, enjoy three times the amount of blood donated for medical purposes free of charge; if the cumulative amount of blood donation exceeds 600 ML, within three years from the date of 600 ml of blood donation, unpaid blood donors'spouses and immediate family members who need blood for clinical use, blood donation can enjoy 2 times the amount of medical blood. Hold out your heart, hold out my heart, drop by drop blood into love, blood flow in love, love blood, life and love at the same time! Blood has a price, love has no price. Young friends, let the "dedication, friendship, progress, mutual help, " the spirit of volunteerism and practical action firmly together, the heart of the world, care for life, from the side. Please be brave and stretch out your arms to hold up the sun of life!

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