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When the hourglass of time drops the last grain of sand, the true color of gold will be so brilliant; when the tears of the shell pass through the last moment, the color of pearls will be so dazzling. When six years of nutrients are accumulated in the body, the vitality of bamboo will be so vigorous.

It is precisely because of the baptism of history that in the long history, the unique Chinese traditional culture of Huaxia daughter was finally born, and it is the mission of each of us to inherit the excellent traditional culture.

Read the classics, inherit the culture, and treat the foreign culture correctly. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people know about the Double Ninth Festival, and more and more people know about Thanksgiving; more and more people know about Valentine's Day, but fewer and fewer people know about Qixi Festival. For many of the traditional festivals left by our ancestors, many of us have forgotten almost all of them. Isn't this a kind of foreigner? Is this the sense of responsibility we keep talking about? However, there are actually many people around us who are setting examples for us. They can stick to their beliefs and encourage people to learn and inherit excellent traditional culture. Isn't that the famous scholar Ma Yinchu? He actively advocated that our young people should learn more about China's excellent traditional culture. Although the world is diversifying, our traditional Sinochem culture cannot be lost! Therefore, have we ever thought about whether the excellent traditional Chinese culture will be replaced by the culture of other countries in the near future? The answer depends on our actions. Excellent traditional culture is the cornerstone of our continued development and the mission of our common protection and common inheritance.

Reading the classics, let us strengthen our belief and create a better future together! Recalling the past, if it wasn't for Sima Qian's painstaking efforts, how could there be the grand successor of "Historical Records"? If it wasn't for Li Shizhen's journey through mountains and rivers, how could the well-being of "Compendium of Materia Medica" be left for thousands of years; if not for Cao Xueqin's five changes How can there be the sadness of "The Story of the Stone" that makes you cry? If it weren't for Hemingway's strong will, how could there be the motivational language of "The Old Man and the Sea"? Looking at the past and present, who has worked hard for more than ten years and finally made two stars? Who fought for 18 years and finally returned with a gold medal? It's Qian Xuesen! It was Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. They have inherited the firmness in the classics of traditional Chinese culture, and they have inherited the perseverance in the classics of traditional Chinese culture. It is precisely because of inheriting and spreading the excellent traditional Chinese culture and spirit that they can be so firm and persistent.

Reading classics, although we are like a small match, we can still light up a starry sky: inheriting excellent traditional culture, although we are like a green leaf, but can embellish the whole spring; traditional and excellent traditional culture, although we are driving a boat, But it can still startle a sea.

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