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还没有看清楚,流星已经接近在一瞬间,消失在黑暗的夜晚,天空留下了完美的裂缝,也真实,也美丽。 裂缝消失了,融化了,天空恢复了华丽的宁静。 看着流星是快乐的,不仅仅是因为手中的口袋许愿,还因为看着流星或轻盈或优雅的划过,留下一个短暂而特别醒目的瞬间,心也飞了起来。 一颗流星是短暂的,它在很短的时间内发出了所有的光芒,它燃尽了所有的生命,它是壮丽的,宏伟的,但它是沉默的,但它没有遗憾,相比于这颗流星1100万年的孤独和默默无闻,它是充实而有意义的生命更值得人们记住和怀念,那一瞬间,是自我价值的化身,也是生命意义的最高境界。 在那一刻,夜晚闪耀着流星,短暂的瞬间闪耀着永恒。

男人是流星。 一个漫长的生命,只有几十年,相比于天地的永恒,似乎比流星还要短,而生命中那几年的青春,是一个流星闪耀的时刻,华丽而庄严,但一旦错过,就永远不会有。 不要以为你可以在漫长的人生中花很多时间。 时间是最容易错过的东西。 大多数优秀的人甚至在他们年轻的时候就已经为他们的成功奠定了基础,如果等到“白人青年头”才想到努力,体力不好,思想直率,然后想到什么创新是很难的。

没有坠入地球的流星确实可以继续在太空中徘徊并维持其生命,但这样的延续因为平凡而毫无意义; 同样地,如果人类的生命不能在青春中闪耀,即使稳定但平庸,生命也是同样的遗憾。 青春本身就是无与伦比的骄傲和自豪,青年人,应该创造一个伟大的事业,使生命更有意义,像海子一样,像梵高一样,纵然孤独地死去,却留下了永恒。 唯恐你等待的只是一根空树枝。 年轻的朋友,你准备好挑战那辉煌的时刻了吗?


In the early morning, a meteor flew across the sky, shining for a moment, lighting up the whole sky. Not yet seen clearly, the meteor has been close in a flash, disappeared in the dark night, the sky left a perfect crack, also real, also beautiful. The crack faded and melted, and the sky resumed its gorgeous tranquility. Watch the meteor is happy, not only because the hand pocket wish, but also because watching the meteor or lightsome or graceful across, leaving a short, but particularly eye-catching moment, the heart also flew up. A shooting star is short, it gives out all its light in a very short time, it burns out all of its life, it is magnificent and grand, but it is silent, but it has no regrets, compared to the Star's eleven million years of loneliness and obscurity, it is full and meaningful life more worthy of people to remember and miss, that flash moment, is the embodiment of Self-worth, but also the highest realm of the meaning of life. At that moment, the night glowed with meteors, and the brief moment glowed with eternity. A man is a shooting star. A long life, only a few decades, compared to the eternity of heaven and earth, seems to be even shorter than the meteor, and life that few years of youth, is a meteor shining moment, gorgeous and solemn, but once missed, will never be able to have. Don't think that you can spend a lot of time in a long life. Time is the easiest thing to pass by. Most outstanding people have laid the foundation for their success in life even when they are young, if wait until "white youth head" just think of efforts, physical strength is not good, thought is blunt, and then think of what innovation is very difficult. It is true that a meteor that has not crashed into the earth can continue to wander in space and sustain its life, but such a continuation is meaningless because of the ordinary; similarly, if human life does not shine in youth, even if stable but mediocre, life is the same regret. Youth itself is incomparable pride and pride, young people, should create a great cause to make life more meaningful, like Haizi, like Vincent Van Gogh, even though the death alone, but left behind the eternal. Lest you but wait for an empty bough. Young friend, are you ready to challenge that shining moment? Youth, should be like a meteor flash, leaving a bright memory in the world between the eternal

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